European river cruises are a delightful way to go on organized tours. While on other cruises you pay for your day activities separately, a European river cruise includes everything. Your only choice is which cruise to choose.

  1. Viking River’s European Sojourn

If you cannot make up your mind about what you want to see, then the European Sojourn may be the perfect river cruise for you because it allows you to see eight countries in 23 days.

What other beautiful way can you see so many amazing places at once?

Visitors start their journey in Amsterdam before visiting:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria

You will visit six United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) sites. This cruise features 19 lectures including lectures on how to make Rüdesheimer coffee. All accommodations are aboard a Viking River Longship. The Explorer Suites on these ships are the largest in the industry.

  1. Uniworld’s Ultimate European Journey

For years, early explorers looked for a way to travel the rivers between the North and Black Seas. Now, you can have that experience on Uniworld’s European Journey. You will visit nine countries including six country capitals on this 24-day cruise. Venture along the captivating Danube, the serene Main and the romantic Rhine with stops along the way to explore nine World Heritages sites including the Cologne Cathedral.

At many ports, visitors have a choice of itinerary so that they can choose what interests them the most. Unlike many European river cruise itineraries, this trip includes two days spent just cruising on the ship through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

  1. Uniworld’s Ultimate France Cruise

On Uniworld’s Ultimate France cruise explore the three main rivers of France. You will commence your journey in Paris and end in Avignon. Days seven and eight are also spent exploring Paris on this 22-day cruise.

Other stops on the itinerary include:

  • Palace of the Popes
  • Farmer’s Market in Lyon
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Monet’s Giverny
  • Omaha Beach

You will also have an opportunity to taste wines in the famous Bordeaux region and wander through medieval lanes in Vivero.

  1. Grand Circle Christmas Market Cruise

Imagine spending the holidays exploring the Christmas markets of Germany, France and Switzerland. Grand Circle Christmas Market Cruise allows you to do that while enjoying beautiful scenery along the way. This itinerary includes stops in some of the following wonderful cities.

  • Basel, Switzerland
  • Breisach, Germany
  • Kaysersberg, France
  • Strasburg, France
  • Plattersdorf, Germany

In addition to a chance to visit the outstanding Christmas markets, guests will have plenty of time to explore these historic cities on organized tour. Visitors can even watch stollen being made in Koblenz which is where this Christmas favorite originated.

  1. Avalon Waterways Danube River Cruise

Imagine going along the Danube River while being guided by wine experts on a Danube River Cruise. This cruise spends three days exploring Prague, Czech Republic, before commending its travel to:

  • Nuremburg, Germany
  • Roth, Bavaria
  • Regensburg, Germany
  • Passau, Germany
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Budapest, Hungary

Wine experts will not only suggest the best wines at each port of call, but they will also teach you the principles behind choosing a great wine that you can apply at any destination. As with any European river cruise, the water levels may altar the itinerary.

  1. Emerald Waterways Rhine-Main Discovery

The Rhineland is home to some of the most exciting history in the world. Learn about that history while on an eight-day cruise as you travel along the Rhine River and the Main River.

See amazing architecture and scenic landscapes as you ride along through this labyrinth of canals. Embark on your adventure in Amsterdam with stops in Cologne, Germany, to see the great cathedral and Würzburg, Germany, to see the beautiful vineyards before ending your Main River cruise in Nuremberg. Each day you will have the opportunity to explore sites that you may have only read about before in history books.

  1. AMAWaterways Southeast Europe Cruise

AmaWaterways offers visitors the opportunity to combine a wonderful river cruise with a two-day hotel stay in Vienna, Austria, and two-days in Bucharest, Romania. Start your vacation exploring the history of dance and music in Vienna before commencing on your cruise in Budapest, Hungary. Then, enjoy time on the Danube river with stops in:

  • Mohacs, Hungary
  • Vukovar, Croatia
  • Vidin, Bulgaria
  • Belogradchik, Bulgaria
  • Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Travel through the narrow gorge called the Iron Gate. Finally, end your stay with two wonderful days to explore Bucharest, Romania’s capital city.

  1. Tauk Mediterranean River Cruise

Explore the exciting Mediterranean city of Monte-Carlo while on a Tauk Mediterranean river cruise leaving from Paris. Start with a two-night hotel stay in Paris where you will be able to eat at one of Paris’s finest restaurants. Then, embark on your trip down the Rhone and Saône Rivers before ending your eight-day adventure with a stay in Monte Carlo. Along the way, stop at quaint little seaside villages to discover the wonderful cuisine.

  1. Viking River Cruises Rhine Getaway

Explore the world of castles and great cuisine on a Viking River Rhine cruise. Start in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and float down the Rhine River to Basel, Switzerland right through the heart of the legendary Black Forest. Stop for a motor coach ride to one of the farms that have been in the same family for centuries to look at the way that they preserve history. Dine on wonderful culinary delights in Alsace, France. This Rhine cruise features four countries that are famous for their music as well as their unique style of architecture.

  1. AmaWaterways Garonne River Cruise

This cruise begins with a two-night stay in Paris where you will be taken on a tour of the city’s top sights. Then, travel by train to Bordeaux, France, where your river cruise will begin. Stop for a marvelous wine tasting party at the legendary Roquetaillade Castle in Cadillac, France, take wine-tasting classes in Pauillac, France, and attend a traditional market in Libourne, France. End your vacation with a three-day stay in the Loire Valley before returning to Paris.

If you still cannot make up your mind, then you might want to keep some facts about the different cruise lines in mind. Viking River Cruises offer more adventurous itineraries while AmaWaterways is known for its outstanding food. Tauk River Cruises are usually the most luxurious while Grand Circle focuses on giving guests a cultural experience.