Most couples prefer to have one person stop working while their kids are young to avoid having to put them in daycare.

While this isn’t an option for all couples, those who do go this route often struggle to find ways to gracefully re-enter the workforce later. After all, kids grow up. Eventually, they won’t need mom or dad at home anymore. By the time she’s ready to return to the workforce, though, the typical stay-at-home mom may be sorely lacking in terms of experience and education. A great way to overcome the second issue is by enrolling in online degree programs.

Flexible Scheduling

When asked why they don’t earn their degrees while their kids are young, most parents cite the impossibility of finding the time that’s needed to do so. Making room in a hectic stay-at-home parent’s schedule to attend traditional school is asking a lot, to be sure.

To attend a regular university, a parent must be on campus at specific times on specific days. Bringing the kids along really isn’t an option, so earning a degree the old-fashioned way means having to pay for daycare, which is one expense many households can’t absorb — especially in addition to tuition. When a parent opts to go to school online, of course, this issue is eliminated. He or she can attend classes and complete assignments on his or her own schedule.

The Best of Both Worlds

It’s natural for a parent to be willing to sacrifice their own happiness in order to care for their children. Thanks to online degree programs, there’s no need for parents to make such an unpleasant decision. Online programs are more readily available, streamlined and comprehensive than ever. Regardless of the kind of degree a parent would like to earn, he or she shouldn’t have any trouble finding a suitable online program. Geography is no barrier, so stay-at-home parents can take their pick from programs that are based around the country.

Online degree programsHit the Ground Running on a New Career

Some stay-at-home parents go back to work when their kids start attending school full-time themselves. Others wait until they leave the nest for good. In either case, earning a degree by attending part-time school online enables the parent to start looking for work immediately. The alternative — waiting until the kids are older to start school — means having to wait that much longer to find a good job.

Increase Marketability

Thousands of stay-at-home parents have successfully earned their degree through online schools. Where it used to be unusual to do so, it’s now decidedly commonplace. Considering the flexibility of the arrangement, it’s easy to see why it’s skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Parents can attend classes, complete assignments and study when the kids are napping, asleep for the night, off on playdates or after the other parent returns home for the evening. Slowly but surely, a stay-at-home mom can earn her degree while still giving her children exceptional care. When mom or dad is able to find a great job quickly after the kids are older, everybody wins.