Talking about any ailment can be difficult, but this is uniquely true for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Men who live with this disorder can have trouble communicating about it with anyone, especially their wives. Unfortunately, these are the individuals who need the most reassurance. Luckily, the challenging conversation can be easy to navigate. Just follow the tips below!

Emphasize Her Emotions

When male sexual response is limited, women often feel like the problem is a lack of emotional bonds. A man’s wife may take ED as a sign that love has disappeared from the marriage, so every effort must be made to convince her that this is not the case.

Showcase Attraction

Another common concern for women married to spouses with ED is a lack of physical interest. Ladies may feel less desirable if they are unable to arouse their male partners. Guys need to stress that they find their wives more attractive than ever; otherwise, they may internally devalue their own appearance. The best solution is to expressly separate this medical condition from the determination of attraction.

Discuss Other Kinds of Pleasure

There are countless ways to make a woman happy in bed, but men with ED often focus on the one thing they cannot do; instead, it would be wise for them to talk about other forms of satisfaction. By openly discussing other possibilities, it is easy to find new avenues of stimulation. Without this talk, couples may never learn to explore and experiment. Finally, once a guy finds other ways to make his wife happy, the pressure is lifted; often times, this increases the potential for sexual performance in the future.

Be Calm and Avoid Blame

While ED may be an emotionally charged topic, it is wise to stay collecting during any conversations with your wife about shared intimacy struggles. Smart husbands resist the urge to blame their partners. Obviously, it is understandable for a wife to be hurt by the lack of arousal, but her upset statements should not be allowed to disrupt stability. Make sure to spend an equal amount of talking and listening, even if this means allowing her to vent a lot of frustration.

Address Negative Comments

Sometimes, women may say hurtful things about ED without realizing it. If these statements are ignored, the emotional consequences remain unaddressed and unresolved. Without being accusatory, men should find a way to clearly communicate hurt feelings. Laughter is another issue that must be handled. All of these behaviors can perpetuate the problems with negative reinforcement. Fortunately, a single talk can eliminate hurtful words, which will help with intimacy in the future.

Agree to Seek Help

This should be the crux of the whole conversation. There is no point harping on the details of a problem without being willing to address plausible solutions. There are endless cures available in today’s market. Men with ED now have their choice between medication, therapy and holistic practices.