Erectile Dysfunction and Your Mental HealthErectile dysfunction (ED) may seem like a mere medical condition, but its causes and effects are deeply rooted in psychology. A systematic failure to perform in the bedroom can lead to serious mental problems, and this is true vice versa too. Ultimately, patterns of poor sexual functions reinforce the cognitive challenges that are causing the issue in the first place. This overview analyzes the relationship between ED and mental well-being.

Low Confidence and Emotional Insecurity

One of the root origins of ED is a lack of self-esteem. In fact, nervousness is one of the primary mechanisms that can fully override possibilities of sexual performance. Men that cannot please their partners feel the looming potential of abandonment at all times. An emotional connection may not be strong enough to prevent spouses from seeking physical satisfaction elsewhere. Every time a man fails to make his partner happy, the scary image of being left for a more virile lover comes to mind. Of course, this only worsens the problem.

Effects For Partners

Feelings of inadequacy will be cultivated over time. Without consistent consummation, an overwhelming sense of loneliness may arise for ED sufferers and their partners. Many women will automatically attribute the lack of arousal to personal shortcomings, which overlooks that fact that they are dealing with a legitimate medical problem on behalf of their boyfriend or husband.

Communication Inabilities

Guys often do not understand why the response mechanisms are not present. Because they fail to comprehend the source of dysfunction, they have a hard time talking about the issue. Obviously, this can result in emotions being bottled up, which may generate uncontrolled outbursts.

Isolative Tendencies

After disappointing a concession of partners, it is regular for men with ED to give up on romance entirely. After repeated struggles, a lot of guys simply go into isolation, especially since future failures would be impossible to stomach. Being alone doesn’t solve the struggle, but it at least alleviates the concern of disappointing others.

Unfair Media Portrayals

Successful men are regularly characterized by dominant attitudes that are associated with the possession of a voracious libido; therefore, men with ED may take their merits for granted based on this one problem. Being oversaturated in the hyper-sexualized content of today’s media world causes guys to undervalue their own worth based on the absence of virility.

Cognitive Preoccupations

A heightened intellect can boost the propensity to be distracted during intercourse. As such, smart people regularly endure ED more often than their less intelligent counterparts. Another demographic that is prone to the ailment involves individuals diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Medication Possibilities

ED is being treated by science, and miraculous cures are hitting the market faster than ever. Overall, these medications work wonders, but they can also instill unexpected mental effects. Often times, they promote an influx of testosterone production. This hormonal shift leads to the development of aggression and anger, especially if doses are not properly moderated.