I never expected that my daughter and son would be so different when it came to the games they play. They do play together but there is still a divide when it comes to books and games that require you to be still. My son can’t be still. We’ve come to figure out some things we can play together during the day that will appeal to the different levels of interest.

  1. Blocks: Be prepared for the crashing of the blocks. This is the best part for an active kid.
  2. Balls: Soft, hard, large, small. Balls are for throwing, kicking, and sitting on. You can count on hours of fun (well, maybe 15 minutes in toddler time).
  3. Dolls: I’m not kidding. It’s a good idea to let active toddlers, especially boys, play with dolls. The tender side of them will make your heart melt, and remind you that all kids are multi-faceted.
  4. Musical Instruments: Drums, keyboards, maracas, anything they can make sound with is sure to peak their interest.
  5. Dance/Run around: Everyone in the family can enjoy dancing and running around. Older siblings will always be up for a game of run around with the active toddler. After the Winter Olympics one year, my kids started pretending to speed skate. They still speed skate around the house together.
  6. Short Books: Read to your active toddler, but don’t try to read anything that’s too long for now. There will be a day when they’re ready for that. Always read books as many times as your kid wants- they’re getting something from every page.
  7. Cuddle: Just like with doll play, cuddling with your active toddler shows another side of him. It renews his energy and gives him the connection he needs to feel balanced.

What other things do you play with your active toddler?