7 Natural Treatments for Erectile DysfunctionMen with erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence are normally diagnosed as having primary or secondary impotence. Primary impotence is the rarest form, and it is caused by psychological fears. Men that have had satisfactory intercourse in the past but can no longer have an erection on a consistent basis are diagnosed with secondary impotence. Regardless of which form you may be experiencing, you may find some of these natural treatments to be helpful solutions.

Lifestyle Changes

Many men diagnosed with secondary impotence develop this problem because of lifestyle changes as they get older. For example, taking prescription drugs for new health issues could be contributing factors for ED.

Smoking, increased alcohol consumption, weight gain, and some narcotics can also be contributing factors for secondary impotence. Making a concentrated effort to lose weight or quit smoking maybe one of the most effective natural impotence treatments.

Psychological Cases

About one-fifth of all men experiencing erection issues have psychological problems. Some of these issues may be due to negative feelings, marital problems or even boredom. Often, psychological situations such as anxiety, stress, depression or low self-esteem prevent normal sexual relations. The best treatment for these issues is counseling.

Sex Therapy

Mental health professionals and trained psychologists can provide sex therapy for those men looking for impotence treatments. Sex therapy never involves any sort of physical contact with therapists. However, some sex education may be in order along with homework assignments of a sexual nature for practice. This is often an ideal solution for men that suffer from lack of confidence or need to improve their relationship skills with their partner.

ED Herbs

In some scenarios, men prefer to resolve erectile dysfunction by taking ED supplements rather than popular drugs like Levitra, Cialis or Viagra. Some clinical studies have had favorable results with ED herbs, and they do not require a prescription, which is an added bonus.


Tribulus is an herb extract that has had impressive results for treating sexual dysfunction in Asia and Europe for decades. Tribulus has confirmed beneficial effects from at least nine l studies for enhancing sexual performance and curing erectile dysfunction. It is predominately used in the treatment of men with sex hormone imbalance or lower testosterone levels.


DHEA, known as Dehydroepiandrosterone, can be purchased as ED supplements. This is a hormone that is converted to estrogen and testosterone in the human body. Some previous studies reveal that it is successful for alleviating erectile dysfunction by increasing libido and returning sexual functions to normal.


In previous studies, Arginine was used in conjunction with Pycnogenol (pine extract), and participants experienced impressive sexual function improvements with no obvious side effects.


Ginseng is a popular herb that stimulates male functions and is frequently successful in treating ED.

Lifestyle changes, sex therapy or ED herbs offer several choices for resolving erectile dysfunction. However, each man is different and one specific treatment may not necessarily work for everyone. If you are considering natural treatments, you should discuss your personal situation with your doctor to get the best recommendations.