Have you seen how much a mattress costs lately? If you haven’t, you’d be pleasantly surprised to find that a wave of new internet mattress companies have changed the entire industry.

We spend approximately one-third of our lives in our bed, and until recently, bed companies took advantage of consumers’ willingness to spend money for a high-quality bed. There’s never been a better time to buy a mattress. Why? Because of how new innovative online startups are disrupting this billion dollar industry.

Here’s What the Internet is Saying About These Mattresses

“Changing the way people shop for mattresses.” –New York Times

“Customer expectations of mattress quality and delivery standards have been refreshed.” –Fast Company

“The ‘bed-in-a-box’ company eliminates the difficulties associated with traditional mattress shopping, thanks to its online-only retailing, hassle-free shipping system, and free trial period.” –PopSugar

How Are New Mattress Companies Cutting Costs?

When you go to your local mattress store, they want you to believe that a great mattress will cost two to five thousand dollars. But the simple truth is that you can find a great mattress for thousands less all thanks to this new crop of mattress companies.

In short, these online companies have cut the costs of mattresses by creating sustainable ways to ship directly to homes. They have removed the brick and mortar store step in the sales process. And they even have cut out the commission that a sales employee gets on traditional mattress sales.

With flat pricing, free shipping, and trial periods, these companies are catching wind in the industry and attracting customers everywhere. So don’t give into investing in an overpriced mattress that will be a pain to return if it’s not the perfect fit for you. Unbeatable deals and an immense amount of reviews on these mattresses are out there if you’re not sure which to test first!

If you’re interested in affordable mattresses, start a search today.