If you own any type of technology, then you’re vulnerable to cyber attacks. The only way to protect your device and personal information is by downloading an antivirus software. These products work to detect virtual dangers, block ads, and even provide private networks for you to safely browse the internet while connected to public networks. So, yes — you need antivirus software. You can learn more about how it protects your computer by searching online.

Similar to how there are different types of tech gadgets to choose from, there are also various anti software protections available. An online search will quickly show you the different brands and products out there.

Why Antivirus Software Is Important

Antivirus software is a necessary add-on for anyone with a computer or mobile device. If you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a device, what’s a little more for virus protection? Think of it as buying an insurance policy. Antivirus software will prevent your device from infection, along with having to spend money in the future to get it fixed or replaced.

There are nearly one million new malware, also known as malicious software, threats released every day. These are applications that can infect your computer and even steal your personal information like passwords or bank details. They work sneakily by finding a hole in your software to gain access to your device.

While users can protect themselves by being careful about the websites they access and the links they click, the only way to be fully protected is by downloading an antivirus software. These products actively scan for threats and flag suspicious behavior.

Best Antivirus Software

Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Price: Free

If you own a Windows device, then Microsoft Defender Antivirus is free to download. This standard software gives you comprehensive antivirus protection that has real-time antivirus protection, detects new and emerging threats, and relevant updates to keep the software functioning.


Price: $45 for one year on five devices

Bitdefender has made itself known as a reliable antivirus software since starting up in 2001. The company protects over 500 million systems and is used in over 38 percent of the world’s security solutions. This software is available to download on home and business across all sorts of devices such as PC, Mac, mobile, and multiplatform.

New customers can choose to download a free 30 day trial on their computer. There are seven available products that provide real-time protection against viruses and ransomware, block and remove adware, offer a secure VPN, and lots more. Plus, it’s easy to install.

Moreover, you can take advantage of free Bitdefender desktop and mobile apps that provide extra protection on other devices.


Price: $39.99 or $79.99 per year to protect five devices

If you’re wondering how credible Malwarebytes is as an antivirus software, the stats speak for itself. It detects or blocks over eight million threats everyday, processes over 200 million malwarebyte scanes every month, and sees over 247,000 installations everyday. Malwarebytes wraps your devices and internet connections in protection, so you don’t fall victim to cyber threats.

This cybersecurity technology removes malware and viruses. It can even find malware on devices that already have some type of antivirus technology installed. The company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Price: Starting at $29.99 for one device per year

McAfee is one of the most popular antivirus software companies. It protects over 600 million devices and performs over 67 billion daily real-time threat queries.

The McAfee Total Protection includes premium antivirus, safe browsing, ID theft protection, and a secure VPN. There are multiple tiers of protection you can choose from depending on how many devices you need protected. McAfee offers a 30-day trial of its Total Protection Program for you to try.

Search Online for Antivirus Software

The easiest way to protect your technology and personal information is by installing an antivirus software. Cyber threats can appear out of nowhere. Whether it be stealing your bank information, getting hacked, or even wiping your computer of its content, you don’t want to be the victim of an attack.

Search online for the different antivirus softwares that are compatible with your devices. You’ll be able to compare prices, the level of protection, and other important factors it offers. Consider doing a free trial to test out the software to help you decide which one is best for you.