Medical offices require more than just a standard, generic billing software program. To get the job done right, you want specific billing software geared toward medical professions. The latest advances in medical billing software can help you to be more productive and offer other perks as well.

A high-quality software program is going to allow you the chance to verify the patient’s insurance, secure your data, offer ICD integration and reduce overall errors. In addition, you can expect ease of setting appointments, built-in drug interaction precautions, and advanced reporting so you can stay in control at all times.

Ideally, the software is going to help you remain compliant with HIPAA regulations and protect your patient data. It will also save your staff time checking insurance or drug interactions. This improves overall efficiency in the office.  Here are a few of the popular options for you to consider.

Advanced MD

This integrated medical software is designed for independent practice use. Some of the many features include practice management, patient engagement, financial analytics, electronic health records, and business intelligence reporting.

The software is accessible via an iPhone or iPad device. With the cloud platform, you can access the software anywhere while still keeping the highest levels of security intact. In addition, appointment reminders are sent directly to the patient through text or email. If there is any complication with insurance eligibility, the medical staff is alerted immediately.

Unfortunately, AdvancedMD’s pricing information is only available upon request and is geared toward your specific needs. You will have to contact them directly to get a feel for what your company will pay.


  • Rich with features
  • Can be accessed with iPad or iPhone devices, or remotely from other computers
  • Appointment reminders sent to patients
  • Confirms insurance eligibility


  • Pricing is done per client
  • Customer support is lacking


This electronic health record software is designed for hospitals, medical communities, and physicians. The company actually features five separate solutions: athenaClinicals, athenaCollector, athenaCommunicator, athenaCoordinator, and athenaClarity.

AthenaClinicals is the software needed for medical record charting. AthenaCollector deals with the practice management requirements. AthenaCommunicator is geared towards doctors and allows them to communicate easily with patients and other professionals. AthenaCoordinator allows for simple sharing of information. AthenaClarity offers data analytics to perform the necessary financial and operations tasks.

As far as pricing goes, you’ll need to contact athenahealth directly, so they can quote you based on your individual needs.


  • Many solutions available
  • Easy to use templates
  • Offers the ability to search codes
  • Accessible from anywhere


  • Software not user-friendly
  • Customer service is lacking


This cloud-based software offers a low cost and simplicity of use. With full functionality to do appointment scheduling, reporting, medical billing, and claims processing, your office can run efficiently. CareCloud offers one-click access to most of the apps used on a regular basis. That reduces the back and forth you find in many other software programs and allows for a streamlined workflow.

As far as billing systems go, this software features powerful data mining plus a rules management function. This helps the managers improve first pass resolution rate and cut down on overall work time.  If you desire a modern, web-based system, this software is a great choice for you. It features a clean interface and can be operated from any system or web browser. That means you can even run it seamlessly from the Mac OS.

Plans run from $349 to $629 per month, plus they offer the ability to pay for full-service revenue cycle management at a 3-7% discount.


  • Cloud-based system is always updated
  • One-click access to regularly used apps
  • Improves efficiency
  • Clean interface
  • Can be accessed from any device


  • Must have Internet to access
  • System can be slow at times


This integrated suite features practice management, clinical content, electronic health records, EDI solutions, population health, revenue cycle management and analytics. It can be delivered on cloud, mobile, or enterprise platforms for customization of what is best for your practice.

There are even clinical consulting services which enable doctors to align the workflows with value-based care reimbursement. With NextGen Healthcare support, you can expect customization for more than 25 varying specialties. Overall this system requires fewer scrolls and clicks to streamline the workflow. You can share data across your system for transparency.

Pricing begins at $599 a month depending on your practice’s size and needs. A call to the company will be required to receive an accurate quote.


  • Different doctors can be labeled with varying colors to make the software easy to read
  • Highly customizable
  • Superior customer service
  • Large selection of customized reports


  • Training and support is an additional cost
  • Some functions need more navigation than others


This web-based EHR software program offers medical billing and practice management solutions that are used by thousands of physicians. It is geared toward the smaller practice or billing company. You can easily schedule patients, manage past-due accounts, handle collections, and confirm insurance. It also allows you to store patient documents, customized reports, and more.

Within 48 hours of signing up, patients will be up and running at full speed. You’ll find that Kareo can be used in many medical specialty offices including pediatrics, chiropractic, mental health, and podiatry.

Plans start as low as just $75 a month, making this one of the least expensive options available. There is also no contract required or set-up fees.


  • Easy to learn
  • Completely streamlined system
  • User friendly
  • Lower cost options for small practices


  • Trouble with customer service at times
  • Prices can go up without much notice

When you are searching for the best medical billing software, you’ll want to keep in mind the size of your practice and determine which features you’ll need. Then, it should be easier for you to decide which of these platforms will best fit your needs.