Dating app profiles are a lot like an elevator pitch in business. You have ten seconds to show off your personality, looks and interests to help potential matches decide whether or not to swipe for you. It can be tough to make a profile and sell yourself in the best way, but it doesn’t have to be. 

While you might think your profile looks great, you could be self-sabotaging your chances of getting matches without even realizing it. There are simple ways to make your profile stand out that will boost your success in the digital dating world.

Here are some scientific ways to make the best dating profile.

Photos Will Make Or Break Your Profile

There’s no denying that dating apps are all about appearances. That’s why it’s worth taking the time to curate your profile with nice photos and an appealing aesthetic.

In 2019, Frontiers in Psychology published a study about user behavior on dating apps. It revealed that it takes up to five seconds for men and women to assess a profile, and less than ten seconds to decide whether or not to match with them. That’s why it’s important to make the most of the short attention your profile will get.

Remember this mantra when selecting photos for your profile: solo, simple and current. 

The first photo shown on your profile should always be one by yourself. Nobody wants to spend extra seconds deciding who the profile belongs to. o, make it easy for them and show who you are right away. If you’re going to include a group photo, make sure it isn’t the first thing someone will see on your profile, and limit it to one or two.

Simple photos are the best ones to include. Avoid using crazy edits or Snapchat filters that hide what you really look like. You should include a variety of shots instead of just sharing five mirror selfies, so get creative! Post a photo of you at graduation, with your pet or playing a sport. Also, keep the photos relatively current so it’s an accurate depiction of what you look like now. 

Take Advantage Of The App’s Prompts

Each dating app offers fun ways to personalize your profile. You can write a biography, answer prompts, link your Instagram accounts and a bunch of other things to share more of who you are with app users.

But with all of these fun queries, there are plenty of users who leave their profiles pretty empty. There isn’t a biography, the job description is blank and the only thing people see are some pictures and their name. This kind of profile will weaken your chance of getting matches. You don’t have to write a novel for your biography or include a dozen photos, but share enough to pique the interest of people swiping on the app. 

Swiping through any dating app, you’ll quickly discover that so many profiles are identical. However, the prompts give you plenty of opportunity to avoid cliches. Instead of writing generic things about how you like food and watching Netflix (because everyone does), share a fun anecdote from a trip you took or a fun event you attended. Basically, add something only you can tell, something that won’t be seen on every other user’s profile.

Also, make sure your details are accurate. For example, nobody wants to match with someone who says they’re one age but is actually another. The same can be said for people who exaggerate their height or live farther outside the city that is written. Honesty is the best policy, so just go with it.

Be Authentic And Genuine

The Frontiers in Psychology study found that men and women are more likely to match with you if you share a common attribute. This can be anything from education, religion, jobs or something else that shares a detail about who you are. Being authentic on your profile will not only make you seem more genuine to others, but it will attract the right people that you would actually want to match with.

Don’t be afraid to be up front about what you’re looking for and write what type of relationship you’re seeking in your bio. Being transparent will take away the mystery of what you want and attract people who want the same thing.

There are plenty of different dating apps for you to try. Some are personalized for users based on interests, relationship goals or compatibility. Others are more general and have a ton of users. Ultimately, these profile tips will boost your success on whichever dating app you decide to go with.