If you’re running out of things to watch on your current streaming services, consider signing up for a new one. Released in April 2020, Quibi is a mobile streaming platform that was created by big-time entertainment executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and garnered $1 billion in funding. The app presents a spin on the traditional streaming platform with short-form television and movies designed to be viewed on your phone.

From reality television to thrillers to comedies, there’s something for everyone to check out on Quibi. If you’re thinking about signing up for this service, here’s everything you need to know about it.

What Makes Quibi Different

Quibi isn’t your typical streaming platform. The name stands for “quick bites” and that’s exactly what the service delivers: short-form content that can be watched in one sitting. It’s catering to the world’s ever-shortening attention span with content that’s made to consume when you have a bit of time.

Quibi describes its service as a mash-up between film and TV. Every piece of content is just 10 minutes. Therefore, movies are divided into chapters of the same time length. Users can watch two to two and half hour programs in seven to 10-minute chapters, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the program one bit at a time.

Since Quibi is a mobile app, the service implements a unique feature into the viewing experience. Subscribers can switch back and forth between vertical or horizontal viewing depending on their preference. The horizontal gives you a traditional cinematic experience, while the vertical viewing gives you a FaceTime-like experience with a character taking over your phone.

You can watch Quibi free for 14 days. After the trial period, there are two paid subscriptions available to choose from. You can pay $5 per month to watch with the occasional ad or pay $8 per month for the commercial-free service.

Shows and Movies on Quibi

The content featured on Quibi is completely original, so you can’t find it anywhere else. Quibi has enlisted a star-studded cast across its scripted and unscripted library. Even better, new shows are added every week. This constant stream of content means there will always be something to keep users entertained.

To give you an idea of the content featured on Quibi, here is a taste of the content available.

Chrissy’s Court

Hosted and executive produced by the outspoken Chrissy Teigen, Chrissy’s Court is a show that takes place in the courtroom. Chrissy is the judge and will make some legally binding decisions in court about relationships, money disputes, and more. Her mother, who’s the bailiff, adds an extra bit of comedy to the show.


Starring Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins, Survive is a drama that takes place after a plane crash. The two sole survivors from the wreckage must help one another stay alive long enough to be rescued, all while facing the elements.

Murder House Flip

For fans of HGTV, check out Murder House Flip. This unconventional home makeover show follows two designers tackling the country’s most infamous homes known for murders that have taken place there. Watch them try to erase the past and renovate these homes into magazine-worthy properties.

Kirby Jenner

If you haven’t heard of Kirby Jenner, he’s Kendall Jenner’s “fraternal twin” and Kris Jenner’s son. This reality show is a comedic take on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and follows Kirby throughout his life with appearances from the Kardashian-Jenner family throughout the episodes.

Thanks A Million

This heartfelt show follows celebrities kickstarting a chain of giving $100,000 to unsuspected individuals who have made a positive impact in their lives. Thanks A Million is executive produced by Jennifer Lopez and has episodes featuring Nick Jonas, Kevin Hart, Kristen Bell, Yara Shahidi, and lots more.

Even More Content

There is plenty more than the content highlighted here. For a full list of content currently streaming on Quibi, check the shows section of their website. Some other content available on Quibi includes:

  • Punk’d hosted by Chance the Rapper;
  • The return of Reno 911!;
  • Fierce Queens hosted by Reese Witherspoon;
  • Memory Hole hosted by Will Arnett;
  • Thriller starring Liam Hemsworth called Most Dangerous Game, and;
  • Cup of Joe hosted by Joe Jonas.

News programs, late-night, and daytime talk shows are also available to watch on Quibi.

Search Online for the Latest Releases on Quibi

Quibi was met with some resistance when it first came out. Not everyone saw the need for bite-sized entertainment segments. Despite the criticism, it remains a unique streaming service option with features not found on other platforms.

There’s no shortage of star power on Quibi’s shows and movies. Moreover, nearly all content is original.

Quibi is available to download on mobile devices and free to use for two weeks. You can follow the latest releases and sign up with a quick search online.