In recent years, many activities have made the switch from in-person to online and Black Friday shopping is no exception. Brands like Google not only advertise online Black Friday deals, but they have also lengthened the period of time those deals are offered. Although Black Friday is technically November 26 this year, Google will begin their Black Friday deals on November 18.

To ensure you get your hands on the best deals, be sure to act fast. Since Black Friday deals from Google start early, supplies may run out quickly.

$50 Off the Google Pixel 5a with 5G

Released this past August, the Google Pixel 5a is currently priced on the Google Store for $449. Despite being a new smartphone model, Google is already advertising it at a discounted price during their Black Friday event. On November 18, you can get your hands on one of the best smartphones on the market for just $399, a $50 discount.

The Google Pixel 5a has just about everything you could want in a smartphone. With its Titan M chip and 5G wireless technology, it provides automatic updates and super-fast download speeds. Even with its high amount of processing power, the Google Pixel 5a battery life lasts longer than most other phones on the market. In fact, you can browse the web on the Google Pixel 5a for 15 hours before the battery runs out.

If you are looking to upgrade your smartphone, purchasing this phenomenal piece of technology for just $399 is an amazing bargain this Black Friday.

$90 Off Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point

If you struggle to maintain a strong Wi-Fi connection throughout your house, Black Friday might be a great time to get your hands on the Google Nest for the lowest price possible. The Google Nest Wi-Fi router is not known to be cheap as it is currently priced at $269. However, with Google’s Black Friday sale, you can get one of the best performing Wi-Fi routers for just $179.

Even at the discounted price, the Nest is still more expensive than most other Wi-Fi routers which usually run less than $100. Despite that, many consumers still choose to go with the Nest Wi-Fi route due to its ability to blanket the entire home in Wi-Fi coverage and its secondary function as a smart speaker.

So, if you are looking for a Wi-Fi router that can provide great internet and give you the daily weather through voice commands, it might be best to snag the Google Nest Wi-Fi router at a discount while you can.

$40 Off Nest Audio

You may see that the Nest Audio speaker is $40 dollars off and think that is not that significant of a deal for Black Friday. In that case, you would be mistaken. Nest Audio is currently priced at $99.99. So, a $40 price reduction approximates a hefty 40 percent discount, making the speaker an affordable $59.99.

Google boasts that its Nest Audio is one of the highest quality speakers due to its woofer and tuning software. Additionally, the speaker is capable of understanding a variety of voice commands to control your various other Google products.

$30 Off Outdoor and Indoor Nest Cam

Before you go out and purchase expensive home security equipment, you might want to check out the Google Nest Cam. While other similar security cameras, like the Ring Spotlight Cam, can run upwards of $200, the Google Nest provides possibly greater security features all at a lower price.

During Google’s Black Friday sale, the Google Nest Cam will be dropping in price from $179.99 to $149.99.

With 1080 HD video, night vision, a 130-degree field of view, and six times zoom capacity, the Nest Cam is suited for just about every situation. So, best not to miss an opportunity to save some money on this great security camera come Black Friday.

$50 Off the 2nd Generation Nest Hub

Nothing feels better than getting 50 percent off. That’s especially true when it comes to high-quality Google products. Come Black Friday, Google is discounting the 2nd Generation Nest Hub, currently priced at $99.99, to 49.99.

The Nest Hub functions a lot like a tablet, allowing users to watch their favorite TV show or movie on Netflix or look up a new dinner recipe. However, it is especially made for Google product enthusiasts. Through voice commands or its touch screen, you can control every other Google product in your home.