The powerful prescription medications and creams that doctors use to treat psoriasis today are not the only option for reducing the symptoms of the condition. A number of natural treatments can actually make a real difference. You can do several things to treat psoriasis naturally.

Lukewarm Epsom Salt Bath

One effective treatment for psoriasis is a bath in Epsom salt. You could also use oatmeal instead. This will help to remove the dead skin cells, hydrate your skin and prevent new cells from developing. Start by drawing a lukewarm bath. Hot or cold water will just dry out your skin. Add the Epsom salt or oatmeal and then soak in the bath for around 30 minutes for the best results.

Use Moisturizer Every Day

Use a good moisturizer on the areas with psoriasis two to three times a day. The moisturizer will keep your skin from drying out and flaking. It also discourages the excessive growth of new skin cells that form the familiar plaques. An added benefit is that applying the moisturizer will actually help to remove existing dead skin cells. This can reduce itching and the appearance of psoriasis.

Limited Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Sunlight hitting your skin has a few effects. It temporarily affects your immune system to some degree. It also causes your body to start producing vitamin D. Both of these things in small amounts are good for treating psoriasis. Try to expose the areas of your body with psoriasis to direct sunlight for around 30 minutes each day. You do not want to go too far beyond that because too much sunlight can actually dry out your skin and make the psoriasis worse. Limited exposure to sunlight will reduce the production of skin cells.

Stay Away From Alcohol and Tobacco

Something to remember is to stay away from alcohol and tobacco when dealing with psoriasis. Both of these substances can have a negative impact on your body and your skin. You could end up making the psoriasis and plaques worse even with moderate alcohol and tobacco use. They also cause inflammation. The best policy is to stay completely away from both alcohol and tobacco. This includes secondhand smoke.

Cold Compresses

Something you can use as a temporary treatment for serious bouts of psoriasis is a cold compress. You can buy cold compresses at the pharmacy, or make your own by wrapping a bag of ice or frozen veggies in a comfortable towel. Place the cold compress on the area with the psoriasis. This will dull any itching or discomfort in the area. You can hold the compress there for 10 to 15 minutes intervals as needed.

Fish Oil Supplements or Creams

Fish oil does appear to have some type of beneficial effect when used to treat psoriasis. Fish oil is a natural ingredient that is available in two forms. You can get topical lotions that contain fish oil. Rubbing these lotions over the areas with psoriasis can reduce discomfort and inflammation. Alternately, you could take a pure fish oil supplement to reduce the appearance of the psoriasis.