Rude questions about your psoriasis are going to occur from time to time and you have to be prepared to answer in the proper way. You want to answer in a graceful way instead of starting a large fight with the other person. You should know how to gracefully answer rude questions about your psoriasis.

Smile and Remain Lighthearted

The first thing to do after someone asks a rude question is to smile and remain lighthearted. You want to do this for a few reasons. The first is that reacting in this way can often defuse any tension or concern the other person is feeling about the psoriasis. The second reason is that the other individual will be more willing to actually listen if you appear calm and unaffected. Compose yourself and smile before providing a response to the question.

Explain It Is Not Contagious Right Away

It is important to understand that many people have no knowledge of psoriasis or anything related to the condition. Seeing psoriasis unexpectedly can sometimes make people confused, fearful or upset because they think it could be a health risk to others. The first thing you should explain is that psoriasis is just a skin condition that is not contagious in any way. This often enough to calm the other person down since you are removing the perceived risk the individual thought psoriasis presented.

Be Candid When Appropriate

Some rude questions were not intended to be offensive or demeaning. There are just people around who do not have experience or the communication skills necessary to talk about psoriasis in a sensitive way. If the rude question seems to have a valid inquiry within it, then be candid and answer while ignoring the rude aspects. Be honest and just state the answer. Do not lie or be sarcastic. A candid answer has the potential to educate the questioner so that the individual better understands how to be sensitive to people with psoriasis in the future.

Use Concise and Factual Answers

You want your answer to the rude question to be concise and factual. Do not go off on tangents or tell long stories. Answer the valid part of the question with facts and simple statements. Look for the real question beyond all the rudeness. Redirect your answer and completely ignore anything the rude portion of the question might be implying. If you stick to concise answers full of simple facts about psoriasis, then you reduce the possibility of additional rude responses from the other person.

Do Not Attack the Other Person

It is critical to not attack the other person when giving your response. This includes being sarcastic or snarky. If you do attack the other person, then you are escalating the situation. This will inevitably lead to a barrage of insults. Remain cordial and polite even if the question was hurtful in some way. There is every chance the person did not realize it was rude. Being graceful could make the person more informed about psoriasis.