Amusement parks, beaches, museums, historical landmarks… these are the things many of us consider when planning summer family vacations. If you and yours haven’t hit the road yet this summer, and you’re still debating the best place to go, here are five family-friendly vacation spots you and your kids will get excited just thinking about.

  1. Orlando, Florida: A family vacation list would be NOTHING without Orlando in the number one slot. Not only is it the home of Disney World and Universal Studios, but they’ve got Seaworld and these amazing glass bottom boat tours that blow the mind. If you’re not bothered by crowds of tourists, as everyone seems to have the same ideas about Orlando in the summer, it’s the perfect place for families looking for fun.
  2. Washington, D.C.: What better place for the family than the nation’s capital? With tons of historical and educational attractions, imagine how excited your kids will get knowing they are on the same soil as the United States President? From the Smithsonian to the Lincoln Memorial, this trip is a super fun learning experience for everyone in the family.
  3. Hershey, Pennsylvania: I admit, I’m biased on this one as a native Pennsylvanian. Summers for my family were often spent either visiting Hershey Park, the Chocolate Town Capital of the United States, or at the country’s largest free admission amusement park: Knoebels. With kids loving candy the way they do, you can’t lose with a trip to Hershey, no matter where you’re traveling from.
  4. The Grand Canyon and Wild West: There’s just something about the wild, wild west that gets kids excited. Planning a family trip down Route 66, you can schedule stops in ghost towns before stopping to admire the Grand Canyon. This is an excellent car trip for those who love to get behind the wheel and drive.
  5. Hawaii: There’s something majestic and wonderful about sharing Hawaii with your family. Not only are there beaches abound, but hundreds of exciting activities from swimming with dolphins and cliff diving, to surfing and luaus.

No matter where you and yours vacation this summer, whether it be at one of the above-mentioned destinations, or a treasured family spot you’ve been enjoying for generations, remember that vacation is about relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.You want to create nostalgic memories your kids will treasure and want to recreate when they have kids of their own.

Where are your favorite, family summer vacation spots, and why?