David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, and plenty of other buff celebs are known for maintaining their incredible figures. Their muscles might seem unattainable – but with the right workout routine and regimen, you could get just as fit.

If you want to get in shape like your favorite celebrities, you need the one piece of at-home workout equipment that’s sweeping Hollywood: a Peloton bike.

Thanks to technology, at-home fitness is taking over. Fewer people are heading the gym as increasingly more people work out at home, using a variety of tech devices and fitness equipment. But if you want to get abs like David Beckham or ripped muscles like Hugh Jackman, there’s only one piece of equipment you need for a full body, sweat-inducing workout. These celebrities, along with plenty of other famous figures, are all using Peloton to stay in shape.

Peloton bikes are changing the exercise game, making it incredibly easy to workout in the comfort of your own home without sacrificing your fitness. With impressive technology, you can live stream workouts and classes led by experts – and you can even ride alongside famous faces who are hooked on Peloton.

What Is Peloton?

Peloton is an entirely new take on the traditional spin class. Instead of fitting a class into your busy day and heading to a spin studio to ride a basic stationary bike with an instructor and a group of fellow fitness fans, Peloton lets you tackle your workout at home, at absolutely any time.

The Peloton bike was first released in 2014, but it didn’t become a fitness sensation until just recently. Today, The Verge reports that over 500,000 fitness fans own a Peloton bike and use it regularly. Though a Peloton bike looks like a normal stationary bike at first glance, it’s so much more.

The Peloton bike is a “smart bike,” or a bike designed for spin classes with cutting-edge technology. Atop the handlebar is a 21.5-inch high definition flat screen, which is Wi-Fi enabled. When you’re ready to squeeze in a workout, you simply connect to your Wi-Fi, choose a class and an instructor, and get riding. It’s as simple as that.

British GQ calls Peloton “Netflix for spinning,” which is accurate – with more than 10,000 different classes and rides to choose from, you can workout to absolutely any music, any instructor, and any difficulty level. You can even choose whether you want to be motivated while riding or take it easy as you watch scenery on your bike’s screen. Peloton lets you decide just how much you want to push yourself.

Why Peloton Is the Newest Celebrity Exercise Craze

It’s easy to understand why celebs love Peloton. Having a Peloton bike in your home means you can workout anytime, and you don’t need to schedule classes with instructors. It’s convenient for celebrities who don’t want to be seen at the gym – and the fact that you can compete with other Peloton users makes it even more fun.

Peloton lets you stream live spin classes from absolutely anywhere in the world. You can take a class that’s happening in real time in Peloton’s New York City studio, or choose from a huge selection of on-demand classes led by your favorite instructor. Peloton’s class offerings grow daily, Forbes writes, meaning you can always try something new.

Peloton may seem like just a bike, but celebrities know it offers plenty more than cycling and spinning workouts. Maximizing your time and your workouts is key with Peloton: you can choose a workout that suits how you’re feeling each day, and you can even take classes that incorporate upper body moves, hand weights, and stretching. It’s a total body piece of at-home workout equipment. And, like busy celebs, you can build your muscles more efficiently.

The Benefits of a Peloton Bike

When it comes to diet and fitness, most celebrity crazes aren’t exactly healthy. But that’s what’s different about Peloton. This unique, high-tech stationary bike is actually incredibly beneficial for anyone who’s looking to get in shape.

Most importantly, Peloton makes it much easier to hit the gym. You can hop on your bike and ride any time, picking classes for different skill and difficulty levels. You can roll out of bed and ride, or fit in a spin class when you have a few free minutes in the evening. With 13 live classes every day of the year, Peloton is constantly growing its selection of classes.

And with every class, you’ll break a sweat. Even if you can’t stand cardio like running or swimming, you can easily knock out a heart racing workout right on your Peloton bike. Cycling works the entire body, getting your heart pumping and your blood circulating for a cardio session that burns a ton of calories.

Ultimately, what makes Peloton such a favorite of celebrities is what will make you love it too. Having a Peloton bike in your home puts an effective piece of exercise equipment right in your home, along with a host of instructors, fun classes, and versatile workouts – and you’ll never have an excuse as to why you can’t work out.