The Less-Known Link Between Stress and PsoriasisWhile doctors have yet to determine the exact link between stress and psoriasis, medical professionals agree that it does exist and likely has something to do with the immune system. There are a number of different causes of stress that can lead to psoriasis flaring up, and many individuals see the condition appear for the first time during a particularly stressful period in their lives. In addition, people generally find that their psoriasis gets worse when they are under stress. Living with a chronic condition like psoriasis in itself can lead to anxiety, and the treatments available do not necessarily work for all people. Psoriasis can also lead to chronic pain, and this can take a toll when daily tasks become more difficult.

People who have psoriasis may also experience stress from the social stigma that comes from having the condition. Any type of social interaction can cause anxiety when people are mentally focused on trying to hide psoriasis symptoms. In addition, finances can become a source of stress for people living with psoriasis as the treatments themselves can be very costly.

Luckily, there are a number of things that people can do to decrease psoriasis triggers by reducing stress. Finding the right treatment that works for an individual can help tremendously as it aids people in getting a handle on both the condition itself and the stress that it causes. Going to a therapist can also be useful as it gives people an outlet to talk about the condition and how it is affecting their life. This in turn can help alleviate anxiety and stop the exacerbation of symptoms. In addition, it can be extremely helpful for people to trust their doctors to find the right treatment as this can alleviate any uneasiness that can lead to psoriasis flare ups.

How Can People Reduce Stress That Triggers Psoriasis

Get Enough Sleep

Everyone knows that going about their day is much more stressful when they have not gotten enough sleep. However, this can have a real effect on individuals who are suffering from psoriasis. Getting a good eight hours of sleep every night can help lessen psoriasis symptoms.


Exercise has long been known to reduce stress, and this can be very important for people with psoriasis. In particular, swimming, cycling, walking and other types of aerobic exercise can help reduce anxiety and stress in addition to aiding in people’s overall health.


Getting a massage is a great way to relax and get rid of stress and tension. However, people who have psoriasis should make sure to stay away from more aggressive forms of massage as these can actually make their symptoms worse.


Meditation will help individuals calm their minds and create a state of relaxation that rids people of stress that can trigger psoriasis symptoms.


Yoga is another great way to reduce stress that can exacerbate psoriasis in addition to improving their physical health. Doing yoga on a regular basis will relax the muscles and relieve tension through breathing exercises.