Buying a mattress is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. Your sleep impacts your life – and you need a mattress that’s comfy and affordable. Luckily, there are options. Knowing your needs and shopping reputable companies can minimize potential disappointment, and the following brands have some of the best deals to consider. Mattress brands offer discounts and deals, but these offers can change at any time. That’s why it’s important to know the top brands and act quickly before deals disappear.


As one of the most popular bed-in-a-box companies, Casper mattresses are sold exclusively online. This brand isn’t a one-trick pony, offering three different mattresses at varying price points. The company’s top-selling model, The Casper, retails for $595 for a queen size. All models are designed to sleep cool and constructed with several layers of foam. The top two mattresses in this line have additional foam layers, including memory foam for support.

Casper offers a money-back guarantee on all their mattress models and regularly provides coupon codes for discounts. Currently, Casper is offering $40 off The Essential, $89 off The Casper, and $279 off The Wave.

Buyers are encouraged to try the mattress for a full 100 nights, and the company will arrange pickup and donation of your returned product for a full refund if you don’t love it.


While this company sells only direct to consumers like many others on this list, they make a spring air mattress rather than using foam. Saatva mattresses, however, are a bit more cutting edge than you would expect for the $1,199 price point for the queen size base model. This mattress has a support layer made with traditional inner springs that are covered by a layer of individually foam-wrapped coils and topped with a cushy pillow top layer.

Saatva guarantees their product and provides a pickup service if you decide to return the mattress within the 120-night trial period. However, they do not discount their products or offer any sales. The only exception is their military appreciation discount that provides service people with $50 off their purchase. You can also finance a Saatva bed for a six-month period with no interest.


Known for its catchy and clever marketing, Purple has taken over the world of online mattress shopping, and the brand has almost a cult following. Another bed-in-a-box, Purple sells directly to consumers via the web. This company sells only one mattress model, but it has some unique features. While several layers of foam make up the base of their design, the top layer of this mattress is a gridded silicone that cradles the body to relieve pressure points while also providing a cool sleeping experience.

The Purple mattress will set you back $1,099 for a queen size model. When it comes to getting a deal with this brand, the best promotions include money off a platform base or free products such as sheets or a seat cushion with a mattress purchase. In particular, Purple is offering free sheets and a premium sleep mask with the purchase of a mattress. Check coupon sites like Retail Me Not or Purple’s Facebook page to find active deals as they rotate frequently.


Founded in 1931, Serta has been making mattresses for decades and has developed a stellar reputation as a quality manufacturer. As a longstanding retail brand, there are dozens of Serta mattress models, and the company produces exclusive branding for many of its partners, so it’s important to compare features when shopping. Serta’s most recognizable collections include their Perfect Sleeper and iComfort lines, both of which have memory foam styles as well as innerspring and hybrid models.

Pricing for Serta mattresses varies widely. The iComfort Foam model, for example, costs $1,199 for a queen size while the iComfort Hybrid is $1,099 for the same size. Because Serta sells its mattresses at stores across the country, deals are relatively common. Currently, you can save up to $200 on select iComfort mattress sets.

Sleep Number

With such a unique design, opinions seem to be quite polarized when it comes to the Sleep Number bed. Independent reviews show that buyers either love it or hate it. The brand sells at retail stores, however, so you don’t have to buy blind. Sleep Number manufactures a half-dozen models with prices that range from $999 to $5,099 for a queen size mattress.

Sleep Number mattresses depart entirely from more traditional manufacturing methods, using neither coils nor foam. Instead, each side of the bed has a separate air chamber that is independently adjusted for each sleeper and can be softer or firmer at will. Some people find the experience of sleeping on air fantastic while others report that support is lacking, so definitely try this mattress in person before taking the plunge.

To find deals, check out the sale section on the official website where red boxes on the product thumbnail indicate how much each item is discounted. It’s not uncommon for Sleep Number beds to sell for several hundred dollars under retail when on special.


For shoppers who want a wide selection of top-quality mattress options, Amerisleep makes five different comfort levels that are suited for a variety of sleep styles. Comprised of a supportive base covered by an open-structure, breathable layer of memory foam, all Amerisleep models are designed to sleep cool while still providing plenty of support.

With a retail price of $1,099, the AS3, their mid-priced bed, is ideal for couples who want maximum comfort for contrasting sleep styles and is the most popular option Amerisleep offers.

This company regularly provides customer discounts when you purchase from the Amerisleep website. Codes rotate periodically and are listed at the top of the company’s webpage, making current deals easy to find. While the mattress styles retail from $999 for the firmest model to $1,799 for the softest Amerisleep bed, it is quite common to see codes for $200 off any style and deals often include free shipping.

Every purchase includes a 100-night free sleep trial, and Amerisleep will arrange for a donation if their mattress doesn’t meet your needs.


As one of the original mail-order mattress companies, BedInABox takes pride in sourcing and producing their products in the United States. Unlike some newer companies, BedInABox has been selling mattresses for over a decade and currently offers seven different models. While most options from this brand feature memory foam, they also sell hybrid styles with designs that include gel and inner springs in the mix. Whether your top priority is price or features, BedInABox can accommodate your needs with their basic style starting at $649 for a queen-sized mattress.

BedInABox lists active promotions on a bright red bar at the top of their website, and shoppers can also find deals by subscribing to the company’s email list. Current deals vary, but the company has been known to offer free pillows with a mattress purchase as well as coupon codes for a percentage off your purchase.

All BedInABox mattresses come with a 20-year warranty as well as a 120-night free trial, and free shipping is included in the price of each mattress.