Cellphones are one of the most popular items for holiday sales. Many online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores will continue to offer discounts through the new year, but the lowest prices are typically presented before Christmas.

Take a look at some of the best deals available for the 2019 holiday season. These deals extend to unlocked phones as well as phones that require contracts with the leading three service providers.

iPhone 11

Apple created the iPhone 11 for users who want the best of everything. It features the fastest chip on the market today, so you can expect smoother connections and speedy data transfers. Plus, the battery was designed to last all day.

At full retail price, the iPhone 11 starts at $699. You can save $100 or more if you have an eligible trade-in.

Here are a few of the best iPhone 11 holiday deals for 2019:

  • Starting November 28, upgrade to the iPhone 11 at Walmart with a Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint payment plan to receive a Walmart eGift card worth $300. If you have an eligible trade-in, you will receive another eGift card worth up to $250.
  • Shop at Best Buy on Black Friday 2019 to save up to $500 on the purchase and activation of a new iPhone 11. You must have an Apple phone to trade-in. Sale prices will start at $199.

iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is available with a 5.8 or 6.5-inch screen. It features a double camera and a bionic chip that speeds up data transfer and everyday operations. The seven-nanometer chip is leading the market right now, so you won’t find a faster phone unless you go with other Apple phones with the same chip, like the iPhone 11.

The full retail price for the iPhone XS is $899. Everyday prices are lowered at most retail stores if you have an eligible trade-in.

The best iPhone XS holiday deals for 2019 are from Walmart. Activate a new iPhone XS at Walmart with a Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T installment plan to receive an eGift card of $450. If you have an eligible trade-in, you will earn another eGift card worth up to $250. These deals start on November 28.

iPhone X

Although the iPhone X was discontinued, you can still find it in stores and online for $699. The phone was designed with HDR technology and a Super Retina HD display to ensure a bright screen with brilliant images. It has a dual-camera designed to take great pictures in low light settings.

The iPhone X isn’t a big item for 2019 holiday sales. Despite that, you can score a deal from Best Buy right now. Grab the phone with monthly payments as low as $23.33 when you activate with a contract from AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. That’s a savings of $200, but the exact price varies between service providers. You will also receive a free three-month subscription to Apple Music.

Google Pixel 4

If you or someone on your holiday list enjoys taking top-quality photos, Google’s Pixel 4 is a good phone to pick. Advanced technology allows this cellphone to snap crisp photos in the dark without a bright flash. Furthermore, dual controls for exposure allow you to eliminate shadows with the touch of a button. You can even get that faded background look easily with this dual-lens camera.

Full retail price for the Google Pixel 4 is $799.

There are a few noteworthy Pixel 4 holiday deals offered for 2019:

  • Starting November 28, Google will offer a Black Friday deal of $599 for the Pixel 4. That’s a $200 discount.
  • At Costco, save up to $550 when opening a new line on a Pixel 4 and save up to $200 when upgrading. Trade-in, unlimited rate plan, and device payment are required to qualify for this deal.
  • Best Buy is currently offering $50 off an unlocked Pixel 4 and a BOGO free deal for phones activated on a Sprint contract. For the Sprint deal, you must establish a new line for at least one of the phones. You can upgrade the other phone on an existing line if needed.
  • If you can wait until Black Friday, Best Buy will knock $200 off the price of an unlocked Pixel 4. If you activate your new phone on a Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon contract, you can save $400 on the Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 3

Google’s Pixel 3 charges and processes fast to keep up with your hectic lifestyle. It comes equipped with Google Assistant, so information is always one “Hey, Google” away. Your personal assistant will even send instant messages to incoming callers to determine why they’re calling. The advanced camera is another point to brag about. You may love the photo enhancements that make snapping pictures more fun.

Full retail price for the Google Pixel 3 was $799, but Google has started marking it down to $599 or $499 since the release of the Pixel 4. It tends to sell out quickly at those reduced prices.

Looking for Pixel 3 holiday deals? Best Buy is your best bet. They’re reducing the cost of the Pixel 3 by $300 for all new unlocked phones. Activate your new phone at the time of purchase to receive an additional $100 off.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy fans are going crazy over the innovative features offered in the S10. Advanced charging technology allows you to charge other compatible cellphones by simply resting the phones on one another. This model also removes the home screen button for a larger, more fluid front screen. New security features allow you to unlock your phone by touching a finger to any area on the front screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10 prices start at $699.99 without discounts. If you need more incentives to buy the S10, take a look at some of the hottest holiday deals for 2019:

  • Walmart’s Black Friday ad includes a $450 eGift card for anyone buying a new Galaxy S10 with a payment plan from Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon. If you have an eligible trade-in, you can secure a second eGift card worth up to $250.
  • Save $200 when you purchase a new unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 from Best Buy during the Black Friday sale. If you activate the phone at the time of purchase, you can secure an additional $100 off.

Samsung Galaxy S9

If you’re not quite ready for the changes offered in the Galaxy S10, keep an eye out for holiday deals on Samsung’s Galaxy S9. It features an exceptional camera with a dual-lens that takes brilliant pictures even in dim lighting. It automatically adjusts to different lighting levels, so you can take crisp photos without spending time on manual adjustments.

The full price for the Galaxy S9 is $599.99. Right now, you can save $130 when you purchase a new unlocked S9 phone from Samsung’s website.

Most Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will focus on the S10, so now is the time to act if you prefer the S9.

Act Fast

Cellphone discounts aren’t just for gift giving. If you need to upgrade your phone or just want to give yourself a treat, now is the time to pay less for the phone you really want. Study the deals now, so you can act fast when the best deal on your chosen phone is released.