I was shocked when I learned about a fifteen-year-old Los Angeles girl who recently overdosed on Ecstasy after attending a Rave party at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. A Rave? When I was a teen, Raves were underground drugfests that moved from location to location in a secret fashion to keep the police from finding them and putting a stop to them. Today, it seems like Raves go on in public venues, inviting teens to dance and party in a dangerous fashion.

Sasha Rodriguez collapsed at the Electric Daisy Carnival over the weekend, slipping into a coma after overdosing on the hallucinogenic drug, Ecstasy. She suffered multiple organ failure, and her family decided to remove her from the life support systems keeping her alive.

The Electric Daisy Carnival was a restricted event, only allowing teens sixteen and older to attend, but Rodriguez had no identification and was not carded at the door.

Authorities and medical specialists are calling for an end to Raves, as this is the 21st Ecstasy/Rave related death since Memorial Day weekend in the Los Angeles area. The event promoter, Insomniac Events, told the press they are, “currently reviewing the entire event and planning process with our security team, law enforcement and the city officials.”

Call me overprotective, but I won’t even let my daughter go camping with her friends, and I trust her. If she ever said the words “Can I go” and “Rave” in the same sentence, I’d blow my top and ground her until she was thirty-five.