For years, many women have been begging for extended sizes from their favorite brands. Mall department stores have often failed them. But thanks to the internet, the new era of plus size clothing is finally here.

In recent years, curvy women have been using subscription boxes to get exactly the style and sizes they want. Even celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon are extending the sizes that their clothing lines offer, following the trend of online subscription boxes.

One of the biggest pushes for this change is the body positivity movement and the realization that it is ridiculous to use the term “plus-size” to describe sizes 10 and above when the average American woman wears a size 16 or 18.

Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara established her line of affordable jeans in a partnership with Walmart in February 2019. Her brand, Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara, launched on February 4. From the very beginning, she was committed to offering affordable clothing to everyone, regardless of size. Her clothing ranges in size from zero to 20, and each piece costs less than $40 each. Although the brand is definitely jeans-focused, there are more than 100 items in the initial release, including denim jackets, t-shirts, and tops. Early reports are already praising both the quality and fit of the jeans.

Vergara’s womenswear line is unique as the marketing material never referred to the higher end of sizes as “plus-sizes.” Instead, it labeled the entire line “size-inclusive.” The promotional photos featured Vergara alongside a bevy of other curvy women, flaunting their assets in a variety of the brand’s styles. It’s refreshing to see a line cater to all women, regardless of size, without ostentatiously patting themselves on the back.

Draper James

Reese Witherspoon’s much-anticipated brand, Draper James, launched online in May 2015. The brand was embraced immediately, and within five months, they had their first brick-and-mortar store in Nashville, Tennessee. Just four years later, they have four retail stores and a thriving eCommerce website. Their brand identity is distinctly Southern as they’ve taken traditional fabrics like gingham, chambray, and sailor stripes and used them to create elegant silhouettes that appeal to modern women.

Just recently, the creative minds behind Draper James announced that the new Spring 2019 collection would be their first to cater to “extended sizes.” Their earlier lines only went up to size 14, but their new collection extends the sizes they offer up to size 24, or XXXL. To visually mark this change, they’ve added plus-size models to their website, so when customers mouse over an individual item, they can see it being modeled by a smaller model as well as a “plus-size” model.

Subscription Box Benefits

Another way that the retail landscape is changing is through clothing subscription boxes. There are dozens of options out there today, but they operate on two different models.

There’s the rental model, where you pay a fee to essentially rent clothing or accessories. Services like Le Tote and Gwynnie Bee use this model, and they’re great for people who want to change up their style without committing to purchasing new clothing.

The other model is where subscribers pay a small fee, and a trained stylist picks out a selection of clothing. These pieces are then shipped to the customer, who can try them on at home and see how they work with their existing wardrobe. Services like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club are some of the most popular choices for these style of subscription boxes.

There are a lot of advantages to using a style subscription service. The styling fee — which ranges in price from $9 to $25 — is affordable and goes towards any items that you choose to keep. Most of these services use a style profile to get to know customers, and you can be as detailed as you like with your answers. You also get access to a stylist who takes your answers and uses them to pick out clothing and accessories that you may have never selected on your own. It’s like shopping with a stylist, except you can try things on in the privacy of your home and easily return anything you don’t like.

3 Boxes to Check Out

There are a few great options out there for style subscription boxes. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Dia & Co

Dia & Co is the first plus-size clothing subscription service. You’ll start by filling out a profile, then your stylist will pick out five pieces of clothing to try on at home. The styling fee is only $20, which is applied to anything you want to purchase. They offer name-brand products and they’ll price match anything if you find a cheaper price elsewhere. They also offer unlimited size exchanges.

2. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is currently the leading clothing subscription service, and they proudly cater to every body type. They offer sizes zero to 24 and XS to 3X. Plus, they carry a mixture of exclusive and name brands. Their styling fee is only $20, and they allow you to work with the same stylist every month, so they can really get to know your personal style.

3. Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental service that allows women the opportunity to rent clothing, then choose whether they want to return it or purchase it. For a two-item package, it costs $69 per month. They have an amazing selection of brand-name clothing to choose from, and they have stylists on-call who can recommend items. Gwynnie Bee also offers resources to help figure out your body type, as well as your style, before you order.

Always Start with a Trial

Many of these clothing subscription services make it extremely easy for customers to schedule boxes on a monthly or seasonal basis. Their goal is to keep a consistent clientele, so they know exactly how many items to order. While it may be tempting to go all-in right from the beginning, it’s best to start with a trial, so you can try out the experience and see if their clothing selection is right for you.

All these services let you start with one box. Once you’ve gotten your first shipment, evaluate how your stylist has responded to your requests, and whether they’ve followed your style profile. If you aren’t happy with the way that they’ve styled your items, you can request another stylist for next time or try out another service.

The ideal clothing subscription service should be easy but should also fit your style.