Foundation is one of the cornerstones of a good makeup routine. Mastering foundation can make any makeup appear more put together and will allow you to highlight the aspects of your face that you want to focus on. A great foundation keeps your skin looking natural and not artificially covered.

A lot of people are afraid to use foundation. Either they’re afraid that they won’t be able to pick out the right one in the store or they’re worried that they’re applying too much and don’t want to look ridiculous. It’s definitely worth learning how to use foundation correctly and putting in the time to master this useful skill. However, it’s really not as difficult as you think. A little bit of trial and error and a few good products can help you get started. If you’re worried about spending tons of money on foundation, we’ve found some deals that will help you purchase a great new foundation at a fraction of the original cost.

bareMinerals Foundation + Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

bareMinerals offers several different types of foundation, including sticks, liquids, powders, and gel creams. This means that regardless of your skin type, you’ll be able to find a level of coverage that works for you. Most of their foundations are made with broad-spectrum sun protection up to SPF 30, which is impressive for a foundation. On their website, they offer a service called Foundation Finder, which helps you determine what level of coverage you need and which products will suit your skin. Once you’ve applied your foundation and your makeup, the Mineral Veil Finishing Powder helps seal in makeup and smooth the look of skin.

Plus, bareMinerals makeup and skincare are formulated without many of the harmful chemicals that are included in some other skincare brands, like parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde.

Right now, bareMinerals is offering a deal through their website and in their stores. Buy any one of their foundations and you’ll get a Mineral Veil Finishing Powder included in your order for a total of $45. If they were bought separately, it would be a total cost of over $55.

Sephora Bright Future Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 25

If you’re a Sephora fan, you’ve probably already seen their Bright Future Skin Tint, a tinted moisturizer that’s available in broad spectrum SPF 25. Right now, it’s on sale for 50 percent off, bringing the price from $18 to only $9. It’s a cornerstone of their in-house Sephora Collection, so you know it’s been formulated with their years of makeup expertise in mind.

This tinted moisturizer is advertised as being acceptable for any skin type, but typically moisturizers like these are best for people who have normal or dry skin, as it adds more hydration to your makeup routine. Sephora’s formula has been blended with lemon extract, which helps smooth skin. It also includes rice peptides, which help the skin to breathe under the liquid layer.

Since tinted moisturizer is the lightest type of foundation, it won’t cover any huge blemishes, but instead gives a light, all-over layer of coverage. Despite that shortcoming, users love it for its lightness and praise its ability to cover minor blemishes and red spots without weighing skin down. It’s currently available in six shades.

Black Up Mattifying Fluid Foundation

If you’re a woman of color and you’re frustrated trying to pick out foundations made by makeup brands that clearly aren’t catering to customers who look like you, you’ll love this sale. Sephora currently has a sale on Black Up’s Mattifying Fluid Foundation. They’re selling 1oz bottles for $20.75, which is a 50 percent discount on the original price of $41.50.

This foundation is available in 13 shades, which are formulated to match not only the customer’s skin tone but also their undertone. The fact that the undertones are advertised on the bottle makes it a lot easier to match their products to your skin.

This liquid foundation is easy to apply and gives a full eight hours of medium coverage without flaking off. Their formula is made without fragrances or parabens. Like most liquid foundations, it’s great for people who have dry skin but may not work if your skin is oily. Some reviewers found that using a primer helped to combat shine and ensured that the foundation went on more evenly. To apply, you can use their branded foundation brush, which is also on sale for 50 percent off.

Buxom Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Buxom’s Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation is a liquid foundation that gives light to medium all-day coverage. Right now, it’s on sale from Ulta Beauty for $20.40, a discount of 40 percent off the regular price of $34.00. The manufacturer suggests applying this product with fingers or a brush, depending on the level of coverage you’re looking for. It can be used as both foundation and a blemish balm cream, to help cover problem areas without making the base layer look too heavy.

This lightweight foundation is formulated with tons of natural extracts and ingredients that are included to help smooth the look of skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains broad-spectrum SPF 30 sun protectant, which ensures that your skin is protected from irreversible sun damage. This foundation is best for people with dry to normal skin. It offers a lot of coverage of red spots and rosacea without feeling heavy. In fact, many testers started using this product and found that they didn’t need to use primers or concealer anymore.

Algenist REVEAL Color Correcting Anti-Aging Serum Foundation SPF 15

If you’re interested in a foundation that can also provide anti-aging benefits, Algenist’s REVEAL Color Correcting Ant-Aging Serum Foundation is currently on sale for 30 percent off. You’ll get the 1oz bottle, which usually retails for $38.00, for only $26.60. Algenist uses microalgae technology in all of their products, which helps to color-correct and smooth skin. Their signature AlgaCorrecting complex helps to improve the long-term look of skin that’s dull and uneven, boosting hydration, and delivering beneficial nutrients directly into the cells.

This foundation comes in three medium shades and is designed to give skin even matte coverage. Most testers found that it’s lightweight and blends extremely well, giving great all-over coverage even when there are issues like rosacea or acne present. A beauty blender makes applying this foundation really easy and a little of this product goes a long way as only five to six drops can cover most faces. Plus, it’s ideal for people with aging skin since it does a great job covering fine lines and wrinkles and the formula is designed to help improve the look of skin long-term.