While most of the world now view comics as elaborate storyboards for blockbuster movies, the industry very much began with children at heart.  In fact, it is the strong connection to one’s childhood that makes comic book fans so passionate and loyal.  It has been proven that exposing your child to reading comics can and will lead to better reading habits.  But as a parent, where do you begin?  Even glancing through the child’s section at a well stocked comic book shop can be a daunting task.  Don’t worry, I’m here to help!  And to start you off, I’m not even gonna ask you to spend any money (keep in mind comics can cost anywhere from $2 for a single issue up to around $20 for larger graphic novels).  Let us enter the wonderful internet!

Title: Gronk

Creator: Katie Cook

Age Recommendation: All Ages

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie about three or so years ago after learning of her work with Star Wars characters.  I saw a picture of her in her wedding dress holding a lightsaber and I knew she was obviously an awesome person.  Katie has a unique style and voice in the comics world, one that I’ve seen bring many a smile to faces of all ages.  She is often involved in teaching children how to draw and I think you’ll find that her characters and images are both skillful and visually entertaining for your children.

Gronk is an original character from Katie and one that long time fans can remember seeing around her portfolio for awhile.  But now, Gronk is big time, moving herself into a weekly web comic where this cute little monster doesn’t like being a monster so much, but she loves kitties!  Seriously, huggable monster and kittens?  What else do you need to know!  In a word, it is adorable.  Katie is the “Queen of Cute” and Gronk provides a sweet tale of a young monster out to discover the world and make friends, two decidedly un-monster like activities!  The series began in April, so there are a few editions to get your kids excited about (the story is starting to move along to include more characters now), but not enough to feel like you’re too far behind.  It seems so simple, and yet you can’t help but get excited about what Gronk will do next week!

There’s not a lot of all ages web comics out there, so take advantage of what she is giving away and show your kids Gronk this weekend.  The black and white drawings could even be printed up to color as a weekly activity.  New installments are available every Friday at Gronks site, so set your bookmarks and start each weekend off right, with a monster!