Baby may make three, but that doesn’t mean a couple’s romance has to revert to zero. As busy and all-consuming as it is to care for a child, parents often fail to maintain their bond. Over time, this can cause a relationship to slowly but irrevocably circle the drain. It’s a slippery slope, but it’s one that can be managed by putting thought, care and effort into maintaining that romantic spark.

Convey Romance Through Touch

Woman and her husbandWhen a couple first starts dating, hand-holding, hugging and other physical gestures are par for the course. Babies and children demand a lot of attention, and parents often feel depleted to the point where they rarely — if ever — touch each other anymore. Making a point of holding hands when out and about together can work wonders. Each spouse is sure to appreciate gestures like these, so it’s a win-win situation.

Keep the Compliments Flowing

After getting married and having a kid, some couples start taking each other for granted. Whatever attracted them to each other in the first place is still there, and complimenting each other on a daily basis is a great way to recognize that and to brighten each other’s day. It only takes a second, and the compliment can be for something as simple as a new t-shirt or for just looking really great.

Set Up a Weekly Date Night

Parents tend to spend what little free time they have focusing on their children. That’s great, of course, but it’s crucial to continue setting aside alone time too. By establishing a weekly date night early on, spouses and partners can keep the flame of romance burning strongly. Elaborate plans are not necessary. Simply hiring a babysitter and getting out of the house together for a few hours should more than suffice and is bound to make a very positive difference.

Cuddle Up

Being a parent is exhausting. It’s little wonder that partners and spouses often let the romance slide. Who’s up for romance when they feel like zombies, anyway? Instead of attempting to relax and decompress alone whenever possible, couples should try cuddling and relaxing together. This not only lets each person get a little extra rest, but it helps to maintain and strengthen that crucial bond.

Maintaining a romantic relationship after kids come along isn’t just a great way to keep a relationship intact for the long haul. It’s also a wonderful way to set a positive example for the kids about what a healthy relationship is supposed to be. Put these tips to work right away to keep the flame glowing strongly for years to come.