If your eyesight isn’t 20/20, you know just how frustrating it can be to see clearly every day. You not only have to rely on glasses, but you have to pay a huge price each year when you buy a new pair of glasses. A single pair of glasses can cost hundreds of dollars.

However, if you know where to shop, you can save money on your next pair of glasses. Here’s where to look for prescription glasses at a big discount.

Online Stores

One of the quickest ways to save is to head online rather than your doctor’s office. Online retailers often sell the very same frames for less than you’d find at your doctor’s office, and you can even try on different pairs right from your computer.

Online stores like Goggles4U and EyeBuyDirect sell prescription glasses for incredibly affordable prices. These sites offer frames and lenses for prices that can be as low as $7, giving you a serious steal on your next pair of glasses. And when you’re trying to decide which pair of frames you’d like to buy, plenty of these online retailers let you upload a photo of your face. You can then try the glasses on via this photo and see just what you’d look like before making a purchase.

You can also try newer sites like Warby Parker. Warby Parker lets you try on up to five pairs of glasses at home for free, and you’ll pay just $95 for the glasses you choose in your prescription. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on branded glasses frames and lenses, you can have the very same quality for less by shopping online.

Here are a few examples of the low prices you can find by shopping for glasses online:

  • ZenniOptical offers glasses for as little as $6.95 per pair.
  • GlassesUSA offers discounts of up to 60 percent off retail prices, and you can score 65 percent off your first glasses order.
  • 39 Dollar Glasses offers a great selection of glasses, all priced at $39.


One of the top places people shop for glasses is Lenscrafters – and while it might seem like you won’t save much at this popular retailer, there are actually some fantastic discounts and deals waiting here. Lenscrafters regularly offers sales and special offers, giving you the chance to save big on glasses of any kind. Throughout the year, Lenscrafters will offer deals like:

  • 40 percent off lenses when you buy frames
  • 40 percent off the second pair of glasses
  • 50 percent off kids’ glasses
  • 50 percent off lenses for kids under six
  • 40 percent off non-prescription sunglasses

Additionally, Lenscrafters offers discounts that are always available to members of certain groups. If you’re over age 50 and a member of AARP, you’ll get 30 percent off a complete pair of glasses, 15 percent off lenses or frames, and 10 percent off contacts. And if you’re an AAA member, you can enjoy 50 percent off lenses, 30 percent off sunglasses, 15 percent off lenses, and 10 percent off contacts.

Make sure you take advantage of discounts like these when you’re shopping for glasses, as you could get a great deal on popular frames and your prescription lenses from your local Lenscrafters.

Charitable Organizations

If you’re struggling to find glasses you can afford, you can turn to charitable organizations for help. There are quite a few different organizations dedicated to providing low-cost or free glasses for those in need, and they can help you get both frames and lenses without paying sky-high costs.

New Eyes is an organization that provides a basic pair of glasses with single or bifocal lenses. You can apply for a New Eyes voucher and see if you qualify for assistance – typically, New Eyes gives vouchers for those with no other resources to get a basic pair of glasses. If you’re facing significant hardship, you might be able to have your glasses paid for in full.

You can also consider vision assistance offered from the Lions Club. This organization offers vision help for anyone who’s severely vision impaired and who meets the requirements of their local chapter. Each local chapter of the Lions Club has different requirements of financial hardship and disability, but you may be able to qualify for discounted or free glasses if you’re in need.

Warehouse Stores

Another great place beyond your doctor’s office to try on and buy glasses is your local warehouse store. Warehouse stores are popular with shoppers because they offer great brand-name or off-brand products at fantastic prices, and the same is the case when it comes to glasses.

At Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s, you’ll find a wide selection of eyeglasses to choose from. You can even set up an appointment with the in-store doctor if needed! Browse the selection, and you’ll find popular frames and styles at up to 33 percent less than other stores.

If that discount isn’t enough incentive, you can also stack deals and discounts at warehouse stores. Each warehouse store often runs its own specials, deals, and discounts, meaning you can save even more money off the discounted base price and get your glasses for a steal of a price. Make sure to look for these added deals and specials before heading to the store to get the lowest price possible.