When you’re choosing between eyeshadow palettes or individual colors, there’s one important factor that can be difficult to determine: the pigmentation. Pigmentation that’s too light can leave you with barely any color – but the right pigmentation and coloring mix can amp up your style and satisfaction.

Here are a few of the best eyeshadows with strong color and effortless blending.

1. Urban Decay, Naked Palette Collection

Price: $54

Great For: Rich, blendable color that suits absolutely anyone.

If there’s one eyeshadow that stands above all others, it’s created by Urban Decay – and you can find it in the Naked collection. Since the original Naked palette was released back in 2010, Urban Decay has cornered the market on the very best eyeshadow available. Loaded with simple, understate shades meant to enhance any wearer’s natural beauty, the Naked palette of eyeshadows is a must-have.

Now, there are plenty of new iterations of the original Naked palette. The latest release in Urban Decay’s Naked collection is Naked Heat. This palette includes 12 all-new eyeshadow shades that range from velvety mattes to sparkling shimmers to slick satins. Whether you wear these shades together in the perfect DIY blend or use them individually, you’ll love how colorful and pigmented they are. With warm browns, amber neutrals, and rich oranges and red, the Naked Heat palette needs to be in every makeup kit.

2. Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow

Price: $13

Great For: Bright, brilliant colors in shades that really pop.

If it’s standout color you want from your eyeshadow, there’s no choice better – or more budget-friendly – than Sugarpill. This one-of-a-kind makeup brand creates eyeshadows and palettes that are designed to stand out when worn, and that’s exactly what makes Sugarpill such a popular choice for plenty of makeup fans. From incredible and iconic hot pinks to the reported “whitest white” available, Sugarpill’s eyeshadows can’t be matched.

You can build your very own palette of Sugarpill eyeshadows or opt for single colors. In Sugarpill’s lineup, you’ll find plenty of eyeshadow colors that can’t be found anywhere else. And if you want to get more bang for your buck, try using these highly pigmented shadows as eyeliner. Many fans of this brand will put the shadows to work in other creative ways to achieve even more incredibly results.

3. Sephora Collection

Price: $68

Great For: Intense color that blends easily with other shades.

Are you a bit of a brand or name snob when it comes to your makeup products? You shouldn’t be – because some of the very best eyeshadows can be found in unassuming, often overlooked store brand products at a cheaper price. While you might know Sephora for its huge selection of makeup brands and beauty products, their very own in-house eyeshadows are among the best of the best. And Sephora’s eyeshadows won’t break the bank.

The Sephora Collection may be a house brand, but it’s a shockingly good one. The Sephora Collection eyeshadows are surprisingly similar to some of the priciest makeup brands, and you’ll find even more variety in colors and available shades within this collection. You can opt for single eyeshadows, which are well pigmented and perfectly blendable, or a larger palette. Sephora’s best palette includes 28 high-pigment eyeshadow colors with intensity, depth, and beautiful shimmer.

4. Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palettes

Price: $29

Great For: Base matte shades and standout shimmers in stunning colors.

Smashbox Cover Shot eyeshadow has long been a favorite of professional makeup artists, and it should be a favorite in anyone else’s makeup kit as well. This prestigious pro brand consistently creates some of the most highly pigmented and boldest eyeshadows available – and the Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palettes are well worth their price.

In each Smashbox Cover Shot palette, you’ll find everything you need to achieve your desired look. From dark and dramatic smokey eye options to soft neutrals for an everyday look, each palette includes six eyeshadows, two bigger-sized base shades, and a range of finishes. You’ll love the palettes’ superior ability to blend together and won’t be disappointed by the strong pigment when each shadow is worn alone.

5. ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow

Price: $4

Great For: Stylish, modern shades that are always changing with high pigmentation.

If it’s color you want from your eyeshadow, you need to try ColourPop. This brand’s lineup of pressed eyeshadows are highly pigmented, smooth and effortless to apply, and incredibly budget-friendly. Priced at just $4 per pan and $18 per palette, you can’t beat the quality you’ll get from these affordable eyeshadows. And ColourPop isn’t skimping on quality – the ColourPop Pressed Eyeshadow collection offers you shadows in every finish, from duochrome to shimmer to satin to matte.

ColourPop Pressed Eyeshadow is constantly growing, adding more and more colors to the lineup. You can try out new shades and finishes all the time without blowing your makeup budget. Add ColourPop eyeshadows to your makeup bag and you’ll increase your options and add a lot of color to your life.