People have come to rely on their smartphones to keep them connected with the world and for entertainment.

Getting the most out of your smartphone might require you to purchase some of these top accessories. These accessories can keep your phone powered up and allow you to take great pictures. You can also enjoy the ability to use your phone as a computer or take it with you on your next cycling trip.

Here are the top accessories that can help you to get the most out of everything that your smartphone has to offer.

1. Power Bank: Lumina 15000 mAH Ultra Compact Portable Charger

While phone batteries are now advanced enough for the charge to last for several hours, most people have their cell phones with them throughout the day. So, it can be frustrating to have your smartphone power off because of a lack of charge when it is not convenient to plug it into an outlet. A power bank can solve this problem. These are portable charging stations that can recharge your phone while you are on the go.

The Lumina 15000 mAH Ultra Compact Portable Charger can power up your phone around four times before it will need to be plugged in. This power bank also has two USB slots, allowing you to charge more than one device simultaneously. When you shake the charger slightly, LED lights will show you how much battery it has left.

It is available on Amazon for just $24.99.

2. Grips: Popsocket Collapsible Grip and Stand

The Popsocket Collapsible Grip and Stand allows you to keep your phone securely in place so that you can use it with one hand while texting, prevent dropping your phone and take better photographs. The grip also allows you to use it as a stand so that you can watch videos whenever you want. The grip comes with an adhesive disc that you can attach directly to the back of glass-backed phones. It also has a reusable adhesive that can stick to most surfaces.

You can purchase the Popsocket Collapsible Grip and Stand on Amazon for $8.02.

3. Photography Lens: Amir 3-in-1

If you love photography, you can make the most of your smartphone’s camera by purchasing the Amir 3-in-1 kit. This kit comes with three lenses that are made from aluminum and clamps onto your phone with a plastic clip so that it is securely fastened. The lenses include a 25x macro lens so that you can capture fine details, a .36x wide-angle lens for panoramic photos and a 180-degree fisheye lens. The kit allows you to capture the beauty around you easily so that you can share what you see with the world and have memories that you can return to again and again.

You can purchase the Amir 3-in-1 on Amazon for $22.99.

4. Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard: 1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Today’s smartphones are powerful enough that many people can use theirs like laptop computers. However, typing on the small screen can greatly slow down your productivity. The 1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard folds up in thirds so that it can be carried in your pocket. It has a lithium-ion battery that can continue working for up to 114 days before it needs to be recharged. This keyboard helps to use your phone’s power wherever you are at so that you can quickly take notes, write prose, or whatever you would like to do.

You can purchase this Bluetooth keyboard on Amazon for $32.99.

5. Mount for Cyclists: Taotronics Universal Cradle Clamp

If you are a serious cyclist, having a mount for your smartphone can help you to keep track of where you are at while you are riding. The Taotronics Universal Cradle Clamp can fit any handlebars and has a rubber grip so that your phone won’t slip. It also rotates 360 degrees and can be adjusted to fit almost any phone on the market, including phones that have protective cases. It can handle devices that are between 1.97 and 3.94 inches wide. When you install this mount on your bike, you can enjoy watching videos are tracking your distance while you ride without using your hands.

You can purchase the Taotronics Universal Cradle Clamp on Amazon for $9.99.

Today’s smartphones come with many features that make life simpler and more entertaining. To get the most out of what your smartphone has to offer, you can purchase these exciting accessories. There are accessories available to meet your needs whatever you enjoy doing the most, including taking great photographs, writing, cycling, and more.