Sunday, June 20, kids step up to let Dad know how much they care and appreciate everything his does for the family. Sometimes kids need a reminder and even a little help when it comes to finding gifts Dad will love and planning fun activities the whole clan will enjoy.

Here are ten great ways you and your kids can celebrate Dad this Father’s Day.

  1. Start the morning off right with breakfast in bed. Get the kids up while Dad sleeps in and get everyone involved in making breakfast. Load everything onto a tray along with the Sunday morning paper and have the kids carry it in to Dad to surprise him.
  2. In the days leading up to Father’s Day, sit down with the kids and make Dad a unique and heartfelt card. You may want to include a special photograph of a recent outing or memory with Dad. Even if your little ones are just starting to draw and color, their personalized card will mean a lot more than a store-bought card.
  3. Plan a picnic at a local park and pack all of Dad’s favorite picnic foods. Even if the weather doesn’t hold on Sunday, set up the picnic blanket on the living room floor.
  4. Help the kiddos write a special poem or song for Dad, then have them recite or perform for the whole family.
  5. Get the whole family together to play one of Dad’s favorite sports. Baseball, football, soccer, miniature golf…
  6. Warm summer weather is a great excuse to take the whole family to a local amusement park, water slide or outdoor fair.
  7. Check out your local area the week before for special, Father’s Day events for area families, then head out and socialize with other families in the area.
  8. Dads love adventure, so why not program the GPS and take the whole family on a geocaching treasure hunt.
  9. Many kids are out of school for the summer, so plan a family weekend getaway to one of Dad’s favorite places.
  10. Visit with extended family, so the kids can show their appreciation for Granddads as well. Make a full family day of it, cooking out, having dinner, playing games and relaxing with the men of the family.