Human resources is a field absolutely anyone can enter. People are drawn to this career because they want to make a difference at work.

As a human resources professional, you’ll guide companies and their employees every day. A human resources degree is key to entering the field. This degree prepares you for a variety of well-paying careers in HR departments.

Best of all, online colleges are now making this degree more accessible than ever. Here’s why you should consider earning your degree in human resources.

The Benefits of a Human Resources Degree

Human resources is a wide field with so many different opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a new career with more challenges, a more varied work day, or greater flexibility in your job, an HR career can offer all of these qualities.

HR is becoming even more popular too. That’s because this career path comes with many benefits. You’ll find that working in human resources includes:

  • Variety: Each day in human resources is different. You might recruit new employees one day, train employees the next, and work on new company-wide policies another day. Your will keep you engaged and interested.
  • Flexibility: No matter what kind of business you work for, HR professionals will be able to adapt. You can work at nationwide companies, small businesses, or even online retailers.
  • Constant Learning: Working in HR means you’ll be challenged and encouraged to learn every day. Human resources requires using new strategies, learning skills and technologies, and helping yourself and the company you work for improve.

If human resources is the field for you, there are plenty of opportunities to explore. You can work in a variety of companies, businesses, and industries. Every organization with employees needs an HR team, meaning the field is always in need of new professionals. 

And with so many different HR needs, there are a number of different career paths you can choose. The following are just a few examples of how you can put your human resources degree to use:

  • HR Assistant: An HR assistant supports the larger human resources department, working with employee records and keeping track of benefits. This position earns an average salary of $39,480.
  • Payroll Clerk: Also known as a timekeeping clerk, payroll clerks handle all employee timesheets and payments. They review timesheets, manage commissions and wages, and release paychecks. The average salary for this job is $43,890.
  • HR Specialist: HR specialist is a very common HR career. In this role, you’ll recruit, interview, and hire new employees, handle orientation and training, and handle everyday employee issues. This job offers an average salary of $60,350.
  • Training and Development Specialist: In this role, human resources professionals educate employees. They design, plan, and lead training sessions, create manuals, and update employees to big changes. The average salary for this position is $60,360.

With a human resources degree on your resume, you’ll be qualified for these positions as well as many more.

What Kind of Degree is Best?

Before you can start planning your new career in HR, you’ll need to earn the right kind of degree. There’s no one standard degree that all human resources professionals need, and there are a few different options to consider.

There are four different kinds of degrees in human resources offered by different education programs:

  • Associate’s Degree: An associate’s degree is a 2-year undergraduate degree that can be completed online or at a community college.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: A bachelor’s degree is a 4-year undergraduate degree that’s offered online or at colleges and universities. 
  • Master’s Degree: A master’s degree takes 2 years to complete and is a graduate degree available online or at a university, with a more specialized focus in HR.
  • Doctorate Degree: This is the highest level of degree you can earn. It can take 2 to 4 years to complete at a university.

There’s no specific one of these degrees required to work in human resources. If you’re just entering the field or are looking for an entry-level position, an associate’s degree gives you the training and education you need. It can also be a quick and easy way to dive into the field.

A bachelor’s degree is the most common option for human resources professionals. Though it takes twice as long – 4 years – to complete, it offers a broader and more in-depth education in the subject and industry. You’ll be able to apply for jobs with higher pay if you have a bachelor’s under your belt.

If you’re looking to take further steps in your career, a master’s degree is a great choice. It does require 2 more years of education. However, it can really pay off with a higher salary and more knowledge, making you highly qualified for managerial or executive positions.

It’s Easy to Start Earning Your Degree

Are you ready to start a new career in the exciting, growing field of human resources? You can take the very first steps today by choosing which degree will suit your ambitions and goals. 

Whether you choose an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree, you can get started on your HR education in no time. Additionally, you don’t need to attend a traditional, on-campus program at a college or university. You can actually complete your education right at home – all you need is an internet connection.

Online degree programs offer the education in human resources you need. Affordable, flexible, and challenging, these online options will let you earn your degree in as little as two years. You’ll gain a competitive advantage, all without the hassle of traditional in-class education. To get started, you’ll simply need to search for and find an online degree program for your needs.