Have you always wanted to work in the hospitality industry? Whether you enjoy serving guests or love the bustle of hotels and restaurants, there are so many different career choices in the world of hospitality.

It’s common for those who work in hospitality to get a degree in order to qualify for higher-level jobs. A degree can be the ticket to a high-paying career, like the manager of an elite hotel or an executive of a restaurant group.

And while many people think earning a hospitality degree is difficult, there’s good news. Online colleges are now making this degree more accessible than ever. Here’s why you’ll want to consider an online hospitality degree.

The Benefits of a Hospitality Degree

Hospitality is a tough industry, but it can be incredibly rewarding. And if you’re interested in providing top service for guests at restaurants, hotels, and other establishments, there are countless opportunities to work in hospitality.

However, the best way to set yourself up for success is to earn a hospitality degree. Experience is crucial to this field, but a degree can set you apart from the competition, teach you valuable skills, and reward you with higher pay. 

With a hospitality degree, you can reap benefits like:

  • A New Skill Set: Working in hospitality means you’re constantly learning new skill sets. For example, working as a hotel manager will have you involved in culinary arts, finance, human resources, and project management. And those skills are transferable.
  • High Demand: The hospitality industry is growing along with increasing travel and tourism. There are nearly 40,000 hospitality jobs available, and as more people travel around the world, demand will continue to grow for professionals in this industry.
  • Professional Satisfaction: Hospitality companies don’t want high turnover. This means they’re looking for employees who can rise through the ranks, which is promising for the career path.

When you earn a hospitality degree, you’ll be qualified for a wide variety of different positions. The following are just a few examples of the kinds of jobs you can apply for and their average salaries:

  • Event Coordinator – $42,956 per year
  • Event Manager – $50,258
  • General Manager, Hotel – $$67,215
  • General Manager, Restaurant – $54,201

Hospitality holds so many different career paths. And, with a degree, you can secure great pay, a job that interests and challenges you, and a new career trajectory.

What Kind of Degree is Best?

Before you begin studying the hospitality industry, it’s important to consider which degrees are best for the industry and your career. 

There are three basic types of hospitality degrees, which are also known as hospitality management degrees:

  • Associate’s Degree: Includes both general education and hospitality management classes. Programs typically take 2 years to complete at a community college.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Includes a core of general education classes, but the bulk of your study will be focused on hospitality management. Programs typically take 4 years to complete at a college or university or via an online program.
  • Master’s Degree: Includes only courses focused on hospitality management, along with electives to personalize your education. Most programs take 2 years to complete at a university or online.

While entry-level hospitality jobs don’t require a degree of any kind, having a degree will get you higher pay and better jobs. Instead of working your way through the ranks – for example, from server to lead to management staff – you’ll be able to qualify for leadership positions. A hospitality degree will give you an edge and help you get different jobs.

And it makes a big difference in your earnings. Graduates of a hotel management degree program are expected to earn a total of $3,838,180 over a 30-year career. Those without degrees will earn less than $2 million in the same time. That’s a nearly $2 million difference with a degree.

It’s Easy to Start Earning Your Degree

Are you ready to take your interest in hospitality to the next level? Before you begin applying for jobs, you need to consider which kind of degree can help you achieve even more. The right degree can prepare you for a long, high-paying career in jobs you enjoy. 

And it’s easier than ever to earn your degree. Thanks to the popularity and prevalence of online degree programs, you can earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree from a university right from your computer. You don’t need to attend classes or commute to a campus – all you need is an internet connection to learn.

If you’re ready to begin your hospitality degree, you need to find the right online program for your goals. You can easily search online and compare different options, their tuition rates, and the length of their programs. And when you’re ready, you can begin studying right from home.