Toilet paper is a necessity of life in the civilized world. However, it can be a major pain to purchase because it is often bulky, expensive, and comes in so many brands.

These concerns can be particularly difficult for seniors who are often living on fixed incomes and who may have trouble getting out to the store or in managing these large items.

Benefits of Buying Toilet Paper Online

As so much of the world is turning online for most of their shopping, seniors are also discovering the benefits of this vast retail world. Seniors who feel comfortable browsing online can score great deals on many of their everyday necessities as well as on specialty items. For seniors who are not yet familiar with online shopping, it’s easy to quickly pick up the right skills, so they too can begin cashing in on the benefits of online shopping.

Nowhere are the benefits of online shopping for seniors more evident than in the realm of toilet paper purchases. Toilet paper is notoriously irritating to shop for in stores. Although seniors find large packages of toilet paper difficult to handle, they typically do not want to pay more per roll to buy smaller packages. Plus, seniors who must take public transportation can certainly have a difficult time getting these bulky purchases home.

Seniors will enjoy the following benefits when shopping for toilet paper online.

  • They can easily choose their favorite brands;
  • They can browse for the right price;
  • They can score deep discounts;
  • They can take their time making the best decision;
  • They can buy in bulk;
  • They can shop from the comfort of their homes, and;
  • They can have toilet paper conveniently delivered to their doorsteps.

Most seniors already know exactly what type of toilet paper they like and want to purchase, making this a perfect product to buy online.

Best Sites to Buy From

Of course, not all online shopping sites are the same. Some may charge more than local big box stores would, so seniors must be particularly observant of prices. In addition, seniors should be on the lookout for shipping charges or other fees that could significantly reduce their savings from shopping online.

Thankfully, many websites are starting to get on board with selling bulky items like toilet paper, making it easier than ever for seniors to compare prices and save. In addition, this competition has helped drive down prices and provide better shipping benefits.

To help determine the best website for you, here are three of the top websites for seniors to shop for toilet paper.

Amazon is the king when it comes to finding anything a person needs. Seniors who already shop on Amazon regularly for other household or personal items may find that this is their best bet for finding well-priced toilet paper.

Amazon sells nearly every major brand of toilet paper, including Charmin, Quilted Northern, Cottonelle, and Angel Soft. They also offer their highly rated and incredibly affordable store brand, known as Presto. In fact, 24 mega rolls of Presto cost less than $23.

There are several benefits to choosing Amazon. First, it offers one or two-day shipping for Prime members. Second, it offers a subscribe-and-save option for many toilet paper options that let seniors save an additional percentage by choosing to have toilet paper delivered regularly. Finally, price breakdowns quickly show shoppers which toilet paper is cheapest based on price-per-roll.

Jet, owned by Walmart, is another smart option especially for seniors who do not have an Amazon Prime membership. It sells numerous brands of toilet paper in bulk along with its own Uniquely J brand. Seniors can save even more by shopping for multiple items at once and by opting out of free returns, which is an obvious choice when buying toilet paper. Plus, shipping is free on orders over $35.

While Boxed offers fewer than 10 toilet paper options online, it is a smart choice for bulk purchases on the most popular brands, including Scott and Charmin. In addition to toilet paper, seniors can also shop for some of their favorite personal care, home cleaning, and grocery items simultaneously.

Seniors will enjoy the free two-day shipping on orders over $49, the easy-to-use website, and lack of a membership fee.

How to Save on Toilet Paper

Not only is buying toilet paper online physically easier for seniors, but it can also lead to big savings.

Search for coupon codes

Coupon codes let seniors get the items they want at nice discounts. Nearly all online stores accept coupon codes although some only accept one coupon code at a time. Seniors can simply do a quick Google search for toilet paper coupon codes.

Sign up for emails

Most online companies will gladly send email subscribers regular updates, including special subscriber-only discounts and notices of flash sales.

Always comparison shop

Many online stores regularly change the prices of their items. Seniors who always go to the same site and simply click and pay may be surprised at the final price. Seniors should compare prices on at least two or three sites, keeping possible shipping fees in mind.


With approximately 75 percent of seniors hopping online every day, many seniors are getting to know their way around online. Therefore, they should definitely take advantage of the positive trends in eCommerce sites to enjoy the many benefits of buying toilet paper online.