Clean, freshwater is more than just a luxury – it’s a crucial part of a healthy, happy life. And there’s nothing that’s as important to your everyday health and wellbeing as water.

Fortunately, tap water is readily available. But homeowners are turning their backs on tap water and are switching to bottled water. Thanks to bottled water delivery options, this means you can have clean, purified water delivered right to your door at any time.

Wondering why bottled water is becoming the popular choice for homeowners instead of tap water? Here’s why bottled water delivery is the new drink of choice.

Drinking Tap Water Isn’t as Safe as You Think

Tap water, or the water that comes out of your home sinks, seems perfectly safe. And for many people, there’s nothing to think twice about – when you’re thirsty, you simply turn on a tap and fill up a glass with water.

But did you know that drinking water straight from the tap could be dangerous? Tap water can contain some frightening and potentially harmful ingredients that could make you and your family sick.

As WebMD reports, tap water across American is generally safe to drink. If your water comes from a public water system, it’s overseen by the EPA, which sets health standards on drinking water contaminants. But this doesn’t mean your tap water is completely free from any and all contaminants. 

If your tap water isn’t free from contaminants – or if it becomes contaminated unexpectedly – it could put you at a serious health risk. The following are a few ways that drinking tap water could introduce you to contamination:

  • Microorganisms: Tap water can contain microorganisms like bacteria or parasites. These often come from human or animal waste getting into the water. 
  • Industrial Chemicals: Tap water can be contaminated with chemicals from industrial waste or crop spraying.
  • Nitrates: Nitrates typically enter the water supply thanks to runoff. They’re used in fertilizers and are dangerous to consume.
  • Minerals: Minerals like lead and mercury can enter tap water from natural underground deposits, pollutants, and even old pipes.

These contaminants can be dangerous to drink. And if you aren’t aware of what’s in your tap water, drinking it daily could pose a big health risk.

Why Bottled Water is a Better Option

Bottled water is rapidly becoming the favorite way to consume water. Although tap water is convenient, bottled water is preferred by many. 

And more people are choosing bottled water each day. Americans drank nearly 10 billion gallons of bottled water in 2012 – a more than 6 percent increase from year to year.

Why are more people turning to bottled water? According to WebMD, people feel comfortable knowing that bottled water is safe. It’s considered a food, meaning bottled water is regulated by the FDA and its chemical, physical, microbial, and radiological contaminants are monitored. And, as the infrastructure used to deliver tap water degrades and declines, filtered and bottled water are becoming the better option.

Bottled water is also appealing for the following benefits:

  • Taste: ABC News reports that Americans prefer the taste of bottled water, calling it “natural” and crisp in comparison to tap water. 
  • Health: Bottled water is viewed as safer than tap water, particularly when tap water has been contaminated in an area in the past. 
  • Convenience: Bottled water makes it easy to grab water and stay hydrated on the go. It’s far more convenient than tap water, which can be difficult to find when you’re away from home.

Wondering what other benefits bottled water can offer? 

The Benefits of Bottled Water Delivery

Bottled water may seem like an extra step. You have to buy bottled water in order to be able to drink it – and that can be time-consuming.

However, bottled water delivery services are making this incredibly easy. Instead of buying bottled water yourself, these services can deliver any amount of water to your door. In fact, they can even deliver it in gallons, which allows you to use bottled water in large quantities. 

Is a bottled water delivery service worthwhile? Here are the benefits of choosing bottled water over regular tap water.

Bottled Water Can Be Cleaner

If you’re worried about potentially contaminated tap water, bottled water will eliminate your concerns. According to environmental writer Elizabeth Royte in an interview with NPR, more than 10 percent of U.S. community water systems don’t meet Safe Drinking Water Act standards. As many as 60 million Americans could be drinking unsafe water.

However, bottled water is monitored by the FDA. And, with quality control processes to ensure water is safe from chemicals and bacteria, you can rest easy knowing your water is safe every time you take a drink.

Bottled Water Can Be an Affordable Option

Tap water may be low-priced – and just paid for with your monthly water bill – but bottled water can also fit into your budget. Bottled water can cost as little as $0.89 per gallon

While this may be more than your per-gallon cost with regular tap water, it’s within the same price range. You can also choose to have your water delivered in bulk, which can offer you a bulk discount on each delivery.

Bottled Water Delivery is Convenient

What’s easier than having bottled water delivered right to your door? Just like your tap water is incredibly convenient, bottled water can be just as effortless and easy. Sign up with a water delivery service, and you’ll be able to choose when you need your bottled water delivered. With a set schedule, you’ll never have to worry about running out of clean, purified water.

Make the Switch to Bottled Water Delivery Today

If you’re at all worried about the state of your local tap water, you need to consider the alternative: bottled water. While bottled water might seem like a hassle, water delivery services can easily deliver gallons of purified, clean water right to your front door.

And there are plenty of benefits to bottled water delivery. From cleanliness to convenience, these services can deliver it all. You simply need to search for and find a local water delivery service, and you can have better water dropped off on a set schedule.