There is a good reason you should wait until the holiday long weekend if you’re due to buy a new mattress. While mid-range mattresses can cost as much as $1,500, customers are more likely to save money during certain holidays through promotions and incentives. As such, it might be time to start browsing for a new mattress if your current one is hitting — or has surpassed — the 10-year mark. To find the latest deals on mattresses, start an online search.

In addition to shopping during holiday weekends, there are some easy strategies you should keep in mind to help you save money on a new mattress. Before heading to the store, search online to see the latest offers on mattresses at any time.

Why Shop During a Long Weekend?

While it’s possible to find sales randomly during the year, there is a time guaranteed to give you big savings on a new mattress — holiday long weekends. During these weekends, retailers put on widespread sales that can be found online and in-store.

Some major holiday weekends where you might get a discount include:

  • Presidents Day;
  • Memorial Day;
  • Fourth of July;
  • Labor Day, and;
  • Black Friday.

How much can you expect to save during holiday promotions? NerdWallet reports shoppers can score a mattress anywhere from 10 to 20 percent off the regular price. Depending on the type of mattress, you can save hundreds of dollars by shopping during the right holiday weekend.

The reason significant price drops happen over holiday weekends is that retailers want to sell old inventory as they move into new seasons. For example, Labor Day has been called the “Black Friday” for mattress stores since you could save as much as 60 percent off the suggested retail price during that weekend.

How to Find a Mattress on a Budget

Not only should you know when to shop for mattresses, but you should also know how. There are some easy tactics you can try that will help save more money.

Pay Attention to Price, Not Percentage Off

Sales can be deceiving when they are only advertised with the sale price and percentage off.

With that in mind, focus on the original price and the sale price instead. This will give you a less vague idea of how much money you’re saving on the mattress.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

Not every product can be negotiated on price, but mattresses are an exception.

Do your research beforehand to see what discounts are typically given on mattresses at that specific store. This way, you’ll have an idea of what price you could negotiate down to on the mattress of your choice. Even if you don’t end up getting the price lowered, sellers may throw a negotiator other incentives like a free pillow or shipping.

Look for Trial Periods and Warranties

While a bed could feel comfortable when you’re testing it out in-store, you could end up changing your mind after really sleeping on it at home.

To avoid this problem, see if the mattress company offers a trial period — especially if you’re shopping online. This will guarantee you’ll be able to get your money back within a certain amount of days before being stuck with the mattress.

Also, be sure to read up on the warranty and make sure the fine print isn’t too nitpicky.

Ignore the Coil Count

Sellers use coil count, which is a way to measure the firmness, as a tactic to upsell mattresses. Don’t fall for this tactic, instead focus on how the mattress feels.

Similarly, don’t pay extra for special fibers, instead opt for using a mattress pad or sheets to obtain that same level of comfort.

Check for Sales After Your Purchase

Make sure to keep tabs on your mattress even after you buy it. If the mattress goes on sale within a certain window of your purchase, the store might offer a guarantee policy that will refund you the difference of what you originally paid.

Compare Mattress Prices Online

Buying a mattress can be a costly investment, but it’s something worth putting the time and money into. You can save by shopping during the long weekend, negotiating, and being mindful of pushy sales tactics.

Whether you’re looking for a memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid mattress, searching online for deals will help you find the best one. It gives you a chance to see what’s available across different stores and brands. Plus, it’s a lot easier for you to compare prices and find the best deal.