You might not realize it, but every time you step into your shower, you’re putting yourself in danger. Your bathroom is one of the deadliest places in your entire home. Since surfaces become wet and moist, it’s where you can easily slip and fall. And if you’re an older adult, your risk is even greater as falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for your age group. However, if you have a walk-in tub, which you can find with a search online, you can prevent these injuries.

A walk-in bathtub is the perfect way to protect yourself against slips and falls in the bathroom. Falls are so common that every 11 seconds, an older adult ends up in the emergency room due to a fall. If you want to prevent this from happening to you, it’s time to consider getting a walk-in tub. You can search online right now to find different styles of walk-in tubs for your home.

A walk-in tub can be a hugely beneficial investment. Here’s what you need to know about these unique bathtubs before purchasing one.

A Walk-In Tub Makes Bathing Enjoyable and Safe

A walk-in bathtub is like a traditional bathtub. It offers you a place to bathe while sitting down, eliminating the need to stand up while you’re cleaning up. However, a walk-in tub is quite different from your basic bathtub.

A walk-in tub features higher walls and a door that opens to allow you to easily step inside. You won’t have to climb over any bathtub sides or sharp edges – you just need to raise your foot a few inches to walk right inside the tub. With a low lip, there’s no need to struggle or risk losing your balance when you use a walk-in tub. Once you’re inside, many walk-in tubs include seats so you can sit down, relax, and bathe worry-free.

Moreover, you’ll get to enjoy several extra perks and features designed just for individuals with mobility issues. If you have limited mobility or are an older adult with health concerns, a walk-in tub can offer you helpful features like massaging jets, whirlpool baths, and air baths. You can even try chromatherapy, or bathing with colored lights. 

Different walk-in bathtubs offer different capabilities. You can choose from tubs like:

  • Walk-in air baths, which massage your body with tiny air bubbles.
  • Deep soaking tubs, which allow you to soak your entire body.
  • Combo massage tubs, which use a blend of air bath features and whirlpool bath features.
  • Walk-in whirlpool tubs, which massage your body with adjustable water jets.

Walk-In Bathtubs Offer Great Benefits

There are a great number of benefits that a walk-in tub offers that a traditional bathtub simply can’t. The biggest, clearest benefit of switching to a walk-in tub is the increased safety. 

A walk-in bathtub is safer than a traditional bathtub, particularly if you’re an older adult or an individual with limited mobility. When you use a walk-in tub, you can keep both of your feet on the floor. You can grip the sidewalls of the tub as you climb in and out. And with seats inside the tub, along with safety features like grab bars and slip-resistant floors, you’ll be more stable. If you typically struggle with a traditional bathtub, you’ll find a walk-in model much easier.

In addition to safety benefits, you’ll find that a walk-in tub offers other perks. For example, other benefits can help you feel better and improve your wellness, like:

  • Relief from the symptoms of health issues like arthritis, joint pain, or rheumatism.
  • Improved circulation, which can help mobility and offer pain relief.
  • Stress relief, thanks to soothing features like hydrotherapy or chromatherapy.

If you want to accomplish more than just showering or bathing, a walk-in tub is a fantastic investment. It can offer you not only increased safety but also a whole host of additional benefits. You can feel better after each bath, and you may even find that your walk-in tub can offer relief from everyday issues. 

A Walk-In Bathtub Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Choosing to install a walk-in bathtub in your bathroom does come with a cost. However, many people expect that walk-in tubs are well out of their price range. In reality, you may find that it’s an upgrade you can afford. 

Walk-in bathtubs are available at just about every price point. While a basic tub starts at $1,500, more expensive or customized tubs can get as expensive as $20,000, depending on the features you want. Additionally, more unique or fancier features can also increase the cost. For example, a soaking walk-in tub typically costs between $2,000 and $5,000. If you’re looking for hydrotherapy, walk-in tubs average between $5,000 and $7,000. 

No matter what your budget may be, a walk-in bathtub is a worthwhile investment. Although it does come with a cost, nothing can replace the peace of mind a walk-in bathtub provides. You’ll be less at risk of slips and falls – as well as serious injuries and even death – with one of these tubs. And if you’re a senior or someone with limited mobility, you’ll be even more steady with a walk-in tub. You can search online, compare tubs, and find a walk-in bathtub that works for your needs.