Owning a Keurig makes it incredibly easy to brew single-serving cups of coffee, tea, and other hot drinks. But there’s one huge drawback to the Keurig: it requires K-cups. And K-cups are incredibly expensive. At full price, one K-cup can cost far more than a serving of coffee made by a traditional coffee maker.

Fortunately, there are ways to find K-cups at a lower price. If you know where to search, you can buy K-cups for a fraction of their normal cost.

Look for Discounted K-Cups Online

One of the best places to find low-priced K-cups is the internet. With so many different retailers offering a wide selection of products online, there are plenty of places to buy K-cups online. And if you know which websites frequently offer cheap K-cups, you can save money every time you need more coffee. 

The following are two of the best places to check online for cheaper, more affordable K-cups.


With a huge selection of both name-brand and off-brand K-cups, Amazon is the best place to find the exact coffee pods you’re looking for.

And many of the K-cups sold on Amazon are priced at under $0.40 per cup. If you look for bulk packs, you may be able to save even more. With free 1- and 2-day shipping for Prime members, Amazon cuts any extra costs you might pay at other online retailers too. 

To get the best deal on K-cups on Amazon, make sure to keep an eye on your favorite types of coffee pods. Check in regularly to see if Amazon is lowering prices or offering special discounts on any K-cups.


The home of the Keurig itself is a fantastic place to find K-cups at low prices. From coffee and espresso to tea and hot cocoa, Keurig offers name-brand coffee pods for any of its machines.

And when you shop and buy directly from Keurig, you can get a discount on every order. Register your Keurig machine by entering its serial number on the Keurig website, and you’ll automatically get a welcome email. That email will contain a coupon for a buy two boxes of K-cups, get two boxes free deal.

After your first order, you’ll continue to save. With a registered brewer, you’ll get 10 percent off every purchase of K-cups.

Buy K-Cups in Bulk

Another way to find lower-priced K-cups is to buy more every time you shop. Typically, shopping from bulk retailers and buying more product means you’ll pay less. And that’s why it’s a smart idea to visit warehouse stores to get great deals.

When you buy K-cups in bulk, you’ll save money per-item, making the overall cost more economical. Make sure to visit the following two store if you’re looking for big savings on a sizable quantity of K-cups.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club sells a selection of K-cups in large quantities. You can pick up boxes of 40 or more K-cups, either at your local Sam’s Club store or by ordering on the retailer’s website. Sam’s Club offers plenty of popular coffee brands, including Starbucks, Donut Shop, and McDonald’s.

The average cost of K-cups purchased at Sam’s Club runs between $0.30 and $0.50 per pod. Just remember that you’ll need to be a member in order to shop at Sam’s Club. A year’s membership costs $40, but your savings on bulk groceries (K-cups included) can add up quickly, making the cost worthwhile.


Like Sam’s Club, Costco is a wholesale warehouse retail giant. And you can buy your coffee pods in bulk whether you’re shopping Costco’s selection online or in-store. 

Costco offers many different types of K-cups, most of which cost just cents per cup. The warehouse store offers a selection of coffee from different brands, and some coffee pods are especially cheap at $32.99 for a pack of 100 cups. An annual Costco membership will cost you $60 each year

Save with Reusable K-Cups

If you’re looking to save a ton of money on your K-cups, there’s one key solution: don’t buy them. K-cups can be pricey for many people, and if you’re tired of paying the price, maybe it’s time to stop buying them altogether.

Instead, you can consider an affordable reusable solution. Reusable pods like Ekobrew allow you to enjoy your favorite ground coffee over and over again, with no waste or added cost. For a one-time price of $7.99, you fill the Ekobrew pod with any kind of ground coffee, pop it into your Keurig like any other K-cup, and brew a cup.

Switching from disposable K-cups to a reusable pod like this could save you money every time you brew coffee. Ground coffee, which is often cheaper than coffee pods, gives you more flexibility. It also reduces the amount of waste, as you’re no longer throwing away hundreds of pods.

Search Online to Find Cheaper K-Cups

If you own a Keurig, you don’t have to settle for high-priced K-cups. There are many ways to find cheap coffee pods and cut your costs. 

Whether you prefer shopping online or at your favorite local stores, you can find K-cups at a lower price. The key is doing your research – you need to know where the best deals and prices are before you shop. If you search online, consider buying in bulk, or choose a reusable option, you can save significantly.