The 2019 GMC Acadia is designed for families that embrace efficient performance and elegant styling in a crossover SUV. From the ECOTEC powertrain to the Safety Alert Seat, this elegant car is equipped with numerous signature features by General Motors.



  • SL: $29,000
  • SLE-1: $32,800
  • SLE-2: $35,200,
  • SLT-1: $38,000
  • SLT-2: $41,900
  • Denali: $45,500

All six trims of the 2019 GMC Acadia come standard with a front-wheel-drive system. However, all-wheel-drive is optional only in the SLE-1 and above trims. Adding the AWD system noticeably increases the retail price of each model. For example, adding AWD to the SLT-2 and Denali increases the price to $43,900 and $47,500, respectively.

Performance and Fuel Economy

The ECOTEC badge is clearly visible on the GMC Acadia’s 2.5L engine. Designed by General Motors, the trademark powertrain generates 193 horsepower at 6,300 rpm. When this I4 engine revs up to 4,400 rpm, it produces 188 pound-feet of torque. Smart enough to stop combustion when the brake pedal is engaged, the ECOTEC engine has an estimated fuel economy of 26 mpg on the highway and 21 mpg in the city.

A 3.6L engine block is another option under the hood of this GMC crossover. When combustion in this V6 powertrain occurs at 6,600 rpm, the total output is 310 horsepower. A 5,000-rpm level must be reached to deliver up to 271 lb-ft of torque. Instead of completely shutting off the entire powertrain, the Active Fuel Management simply deactivates some of the cylinders. Consequently, the 3.6L engine yields a highway fuel economy of 25 mpg and city fuel economy of 17 mpg.

A spark-ignited direct injection process marks the beginning of combustion in both engines available in the GMC Acadia. Lifting and lowering mechanisms of valves are governed by variable valve timing. If you drive this crossover in a cold climate, it’s highly recommended that you purchase the optional engine block heater that instantly boosts the ignition system upon startup. Similarly, the heavy-duty cooling system dissipates heat for improved performance in the summer.

The alternator in the Acadia is available with three levels of power. The 150-amp and 155-amp grades are sufficient for light-duty drives in the city. When this crossover ventures into the wilderness, a 170-amp alternator comes in handy.

Speaking of off-road journeys, the Acadia tows up to 4,000 pounds of conventional load. The Trailering Package is optimized for a Class III hitch. This optional towing bundle also includes a seven-pin wiring harness that’s tailored for the vehicle.


The GMC Infotainment System allows the 2019 Acadia to compete with other crossover rivals in the connectivity category.

Available with an 8.0-inch monitor, the software is populated with convenient applications. The home menu on the touchscreen has eight large icons by default. With a quick tap of the OnStar widget, you may access security and remote services. Additionally, this portal provides control of a Wi-Fi hotspot that runs at 4G LTE speeds.

Android Auto is also clearly visible on the home menu of the Acadia’s multimedia display. Plus, you won’t have to dig deep to find Apple CarPlay in the phone portal.

Zooming in and out should be easy in the navigation software that’s compatible with external services, such as SiriusXM. Reproducing acoustics in high quality, the eight-speaker Bose audio system brings pure joy to the ears of seven occupants. The windows and some other materials in the cabin have noise-reducing properties for enhanced rides.


General Motors offers the Safety Alert Seat for several models, including the 2019 GMC Acadia. The bottom cushion in this seat might vibrate when some of the safety alert systems detect critical situations.

Depending on the speed of this crossover, the Forward Automatic Braking could prevent a crash. There’s also a special function that’s designed to help you avoid a low-speed collision on a road with heavy traffic congestion. The dashboard displays various alerts and notifications relating to lane movement and blind zones.

When the Acadia moves slower than five mph, the Park Assist continuously scans the perimeter for potential barriers, including other cars. You can also turn on the Surround Vision function and see overhead images of the surroundings. This visual aide appears on the infotainment system’s touchscreen. A rear vision camera is another optical-based installation in this GMC crossover.

The Rear Seat Minder is standard in this family-oriented model. This simple feature encourages the driver to check for occupants and pets in the second row before exiting the vehicle. As a signature safety amenity that’s designed by GM, the Teen Driver function allows parents to remotely monitor and restrict young drivers. The Acadia also has the Tire Fill Alert that precisely follows the manufacturer’s guidelines for tire gauge pressure.

Final Thoughts

The 2019 GMC Acadia is a great crossover for sporty driving with excellent fuel efficiency. Available with multiple trims and packages, this three-row car offers lots of choices for technology, styling, and convenience.