Whether you are a wine aficionado or are just starting on your journey of learning about wine, joining a wine club might be a good choice for you. There are many terrific wine clubs that allow you to enjoy different wines each month in the comfort of your home. Some of these clubs send selections to you that are based on your taste profile while others send a broad range of different varietals so that you can expand your wine experience.

Here are some wine clubs that can introduce you to the wonderful world of wine.


Offered by the Wall Street Journal, WSJwine offers two wine clubs from which you can choose. With membership in either club, you can enjoy 12 or 15 bottles of wine that are shipped to you on a quarterly basis. Memberships in both clubs can be canceled at any time. The Discovery Club allows you to choose among reds, whites, or mixed cases of 15 different wines from California as well as from around the world. The cost of membership in the Discovery Club is $69.99, and you will also pay shipping in the amount of $20. After your first shipment, ongoing shipments are billed at $149.99 plus $20 for shipping. When you sign up for the Discovery Club, you will also receive a corkscrew set with your first shipment that is valued at $49.99.

WSJwine also offers the Premier Club for lovers of rare and fine wines. The wines that are available through the Premier Club are of higher quality. In this club, you receive 12 bottles of wine on a quarterly basis at a membership price of $239.99. Shipping is free with the Premier Club. When you sign up, you will receive three bottles of a super Tuscan that are rated at 98 points.

Wine Insiders

When you join Wine Insiders, you will be able to choose from 12 reds, 12 whites, or a mixed case of reds and whites. As a bonus, you will also be sent three bottles of Les Chartrons Bordeaux Supérieur. There is no charge for shipping and handling, and the first order is $89.99. You are able to cancel your membership at any time. When you receive your second shipment, you will also receive a seven-piece corkscrew set that is worth $59.99. Following your first shipment, you will receive shipments of 12 bottles of wine every three months at a cost of $139.95 plus $19.95 in shipping.

Laithwaite’s Wine

Since 1969, Laithwaite’s Wine has provided wine to its customers via its wine club. Laithewaite’s Wine club is focused on offering small-batch wines from around the world. This wine club is a good choice for people who are new to wine and who would like to explore the different types.

Instead of answering questions about your preferences, you can simply choose to receive a case of 12 reds, whites, or mixed wines. The cost of the initial order is $69.99, and you will also receive three bonus bottles of premium wine. The company also sends free tasting notes with each bottle of wine, so you can learn more about them. You are able to cancel your membership at any time. If you decide to continue to receive shipments, you will be sent 12 new bottles every three months at a cost of $139.99 plus $19.99 in shipping and handling.

Amazing Clubs

The Amazing Clubs wine club is an ideal choice for people who love wine. This club specializes in providing bottles of boutique, award-winning wines. You are able to choose a three-, six-, or 12-month club option.

With this club, you will receive two bottles of premium boutique wines each month, and you can choose to receive red wines, white wines, or one of each for your shipments. The company also offers a seasonal club if you prefer to get shipments on a quarterly basis. The three-month and six-month clubs cost $36.95 per month and can be paid per shipment or in full. The 12-month club costs $35.95 per month and can be paid per shipment or in full. The seasonal option is billed at $36.95 per quarter for four total deliveries and may be paid per shipment or in full. Shipping is always free, and you will receive the free wine newsletter.

If you give a membership as a gift to a wine lover, the first shipment will also include a personalized gift announcement.


Winc has partnered with vineyards from around the world to offer small-batch wines via its wine club. When you join Winc, you can choose to receive three bottles of wine per month at a cost of $39 plus $9 in shipping. If you choose to receive four bottles of wine per month instead, your shipping will be free. Your bottles of wine will each come with videos that explain their tasting notes and a little about their backgrounds.

You are able to cancel at any time without a penalty. When you first sign up, you will receive a discount on your first shipment of $20 that is applied when you check out. The company asks you six brief questions, so that it can understand your taste profile. You can then choose from wines that meet your tastes.

Joining a wine club can allow you to enjoy wines from around the world, including some that may not be available at your local store. As a member of one of these wine clubs, you can look forward to enjoying terrific wine without having to go to the store. Your wine club membership can also help you to expand your knowledge of wine and your palate. Joining one of these top wine clubs can open the world of wine to you and your friends.

Plonk Wine Club

Plonk Wine Club focuses on boutique wines, so members can expect to receive small-batch and sustainable grown varieties. The wines available are organic and free from chemicals, and they are often from lesser-known makers. This means that it is the ideal wine club for someone who wants to drink wines not found in most traditional stores.

Plonk Wine Club is a monthly service, and you can choose to receive either four bottles or 12 bottles each month. You can choose to receive all white wines, all red wines, or a mixture of both. The monthly cost for a four-bottle shipment is $110. For a shipment of 12 bottles each month, the cost is $285. If you opt for a monthly shipment of 12 bottles, you’ll still receive just four varieties of wine, but you’ll receive three bottles of each variety. There is no option to pick specific types of wine, and customers will receive the wines chosen by Plonk Wine Club with each shipment.

When you sign up with Plonk Wine Club, you can opt to send a gift or subscribe for yourself. Both types of memberships are available in three month, six month or yearly offerings. There is a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and new subscribers will receive a free corkscrew with their first purchase.

The Panel

The Panel is a wine cub with a unique format. The two co-owners first research and pick 12 to 15 wines each month, many of them imported or from boutique wineries. Then, they rely on a panel of wine industry experts to narrow down their selection to three amazing wines to pass on to wine club members.

The Panel offers three tiers of membership, with the first starting at $99 for three wines sent monthly. The second tier includes the three standard wines as well as three additional higher-end wines, for a total of six bottles each month and a price of $199. The third tier of membership, at $299 per month, includes all the mentioned wines plus three rare bottles, for a total of nine monthly bottles. Shipping costs are not included in these prices, and they vary depending on member location.

With each monthly shipment, members will receive tasting notes from the panel. They will also have access to a limited number of pouring events and wine tastings, most of which are located in Sonoma, California. Unfortunately, there are no sign-up bonuses for first-time members.