The United States seems to be built on a culture that expects people to be paid twice each month or possibly every Friday at the most. However, this plan does not work well for many people who depend on smaller amounts of monetary inflow throughout their weeks to be able to pay their bills and buy their groceries.

Rather than having to live paycheck to paycheck, these three apps make every day into a great payday, helping you access your earnings when you need money rather than only when your employer chooses to pay you.


Earnin is an app that gives you access to small amounts of your paycheck ahead of time, paying you your funds when you need them. It can be a great alternative to a typical payday loan, which traditionally comes with an expensive fee and a high-interest rate. With Earnin, you do not have any specific fees. However, regular tips are recommended and may be as high as $14 per transaction.

Therefore, this app is a great choice if you plan on using it occasionally or for larger amounts of money. However, it may not be a good option if you plan on using it frequently for smaller amounts because the tips can quickly add up.

To use the app, you will have to give Earnin access to your checking account so it can access your funds once you have been paid. However, you should be aware that Earnin will also scan your other bank transactions and store your private information in an encrypted format. This app can only be used by individuals who receive direct deposit from their employers.

If you need money before payday, simply request some of your earnings and get them in your account by the next day at the latest. You can request up to $100 per day and up to $500 per pay period. When you get your actual paycheck, Earnin will deduct your cash-out amount from your account.


Even is an app that helps you balance out irregular paychecks, so you can receive an even amount of pay each week rather than variable amounts that make it hard for you to pay unexpected bills or buy your necessities. For example, if you do not get in the hours that you expected to on a certain week, Even will make up the difference with extra money. This “loan” does not come with interest payments. Instead, Even will automatically deduct this amount from your account once you get a bigger paycheck.

This app is only available for users with regular-paying jobs rather than for freelancers or for those who are self-employed. Users are charged $3 each week, but the service does not come with any other charges.

In addition, you can request to be paid earlier than usual through Even if your employer works with this app. With Instapay, you can get your money sent to your bank account in only one business day or can head to your local Walmart to pick up your money immediately.


DailyPay is available through select employers who use certain payroll services, such as ADP. This app boasts that it helps improve employee retention because well-paid employees remain happy in their jobs.

Through this app, you can be instantly paid and do not have to wait until payday to access your earnings — making it easier to pay your bills and avoid late or overdraft fees. You will pay a $1.25 fee for next-day transfers or $2.99 for an instant transfer. All other costs are covered by your employer and signup is completely free.

Every day that you work, you will build up your available balance in the DailyPay app. As soon as you have money in your balance, you can request the amount you need whenever you want. This amount is not charged interest as a loan is. Another option is DailyPay Auto, which automatically sends you a certain amount of money on a regular basis.

If you are concerned about signing up for DailyPay even if your employer offers it, you should know that you do not have to sign a long contract to use the app. You can stop using it whenever you want and will not be charged penalties for quitting.

This turn away from expensive payday loans is certainly encouraging especially if your job leaves you with inconsistent hours or variable pay rates. With these apps, you can cash out your pay early, pay bills when you need to, and feel more secure in your financial freedom.