Each year, Amazon unveils increasingly advanced tech devices. It started with the Echo back in 2014, and today it’s exploded into a line of smart gadgets. 

With each new generation of Amazon devices comes increasingly awesome technology – and some really fun products. For 2019 and the upcoming holiday season, Amazon recently announced an impressive list of new gadgets that all include Alexa functionality. And these devices are absolutely going to wow anyone who’s already created a smart home, enjoys tech gadgets, or loves something cool and innovative.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or searching for the perfect high-tech holiday gift, here are the products Amazon just added to its awesome device lineup.

Echo Buds

Price: $129.99

Echo Buds are high-tech earbuds that feature premium speaker drivers, crisp and dynamic audio, and Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology. They’re hands-free and work with Alexa – just use the Alexa app to stream music, listen to audiobooks, make phone calls, or ask a question. You can even pair your Echo Buds with Siri or Google Assistant, if you prefer.

The Echo Buds last for up to 5 hours of music playback, but they can last as long as 20 hours on a single charge. You can wear them while you workout, and the customizable fit will keep them in your ear comfortably.

Echo Frames

Price: $179.99 (Invitation-only price)

Echo Frames are unique, high-tech take on traditional glasses. With hands-free access to Alexa, you can make calls, set reminders, create to-do lists, and even listen to music from these glasses alone – they can control your entire smart home setup. The Echo Frames feature a microphone to speak to Alexa, open-ear technology to minimize what others can hear, and a VIP Filter, which shows you notifications from the most important contacts.

And Echo Frames can actually become real glasses. They’re lightweight and compatible with most prescription lenses, which means they can easily replace your current frames.

Echo Loop

Price: $129.99 (Invitation-only price)

The Echo Loop is an entirely new kind of wearable tech. You might be familiar with smart trackers for your wrist – but the Echo Loop is a smart ring that you can wear on any finger.

When you wear the Echo Loop, you’re wearing a shortcut that allows you to make quick phone calls, get speedy answers to your questions, and even perform tasks like setting reminders and controlling smart home devices away from home. The ring is scratch- and water-resistant, and it’s powered by a battery designed to last all day long. 

Echo Studio

Price: $199.99

The Echo Studio is a new way to listen to your music – and it’s Amazon’s answer to other smart speakers. Echo Studio features five speakers that can produce impressive ranges of sounds thanks to Dolby Atmos technology. 

And this smart speaker is designed to make your music more enjoyable. You can stream from Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Pandora, and even more services. You can ask Alexa to play, pause, and adjust the music. And on top of all this, the Echo Studio can automatically sense your space, then adjust its playback to suit the acoustics.

The Echo Studio also works as a smart home hub. You can have Alexa control different devices, read you the news, answer questions, or use any other Alexa skill. The speaker also works like an intercom, meaning you can “drop in” on any other Alexa device and chat with your family throughout the house.

Echo Auto

Price: $49.99

You’re likely family with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Well, Amazon’s getting into the game too with the introduction of Echo Auto. Just like other smart, hands-free assistants, Echo Auto brings Alexa into your vehicle, letting you take control via the Alexa app and Bluetooth connectivity.

Echo Auto includes 8 microphones that can be disconnected for increased privacy at any time. You can play audiobooks, stream music from your favorite streaming services, listen to podcasts, or make phone calls. And you can take advantage of all of Alexa’s other skills too, no matter where your car is headed. Perhaps the coolest feature is Echo Auto’s ability to set location-based routines. For example, you can change your home thermostat to start warming up the house when you start driving home from work.

Amazon Smart Oven

Price: $249.99

Bring your kitchen into sync with the rest of your smart home gadgets with the Amazon Smart Oven. A 4-in-1 convection oven, microwave, air fryer, and food warmer, this special high-tech oven can do it all. 

And the Amazon Smart Oven really is smart. With over 30 preset functions, Alexa voice control and compatibility with Echo devices, you can control your oven, check the temperature, and even announce when dinner is ready through Alexa. Additionally, this cool oven includes a scan-to-cook feature, which will scan packaged foods via the Alexa app and cook them automatically, just like the instructions say to.

Echo Show 8

Price: $129.99

The newest addition to the Echo Show lineup is the Echo Show 8. Featuring an 8-inch HD screen, you can have Alexa’s help on hand and a video screen for extra details. Just ask Alexa, and she’ll do it all, from showing you TV shows and movie trailers to playing audio books and reporting the weather. 

As a smart home hub, the Echo Show 8 makes it easy to control other devices. You can check in on your security cameras, control lights, and even set the thermostat. When not in use, the Echo Show 8 can display family photos, morning or daily routines and schedules, or other customizable options. And if you need a hand, this device can show you recipe videos, traffic for your commute, and even current to-do lists.

Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Price: $49.99

Amazon calls the Echo Dot its most popular smart speaker – and now, the third generation of this little powerhouse is showing off new capabilities and features. The newest Echo Dot includes an LED display, which shows the time, temperature, or timers you’ve set. It also features a light sensor, which lets this speaker act as an alarm.

Though the Echo Dot is still small in stature, its list of cool features is only getting bigger. Stream music from any service, listen to audiobooks, ask Alexa to perform tasks like reading the news or answering questions, and control every one of your smart home devices right from the Echo Dot. With tens of thousands of available skills and new ones being added often, this device will only grow more helpful over time.

Echo Glow

Price: $29.99

The Echo Glow is a new Amazon device that’s just for kids. And unlike other kid-friendly smart devices, the Echo Glow is actually a lamp – not a speaker or hub. It does play music, but it can also do so much more.

This innovative lamp is designed to make daily routines easier, with some visual cues and assistance. The Echo Glow can be paired with any other compatible Alexa device to control the lamp’s color and brightness. You can also create custom lighting cues – a countdown to dinnertime, a reading timer, or a countdown to bedtime, for example – that help kids schedule their time.

Echo Flex

Price: $24.99

The Echo Flex is a new Amazon device that turns Alexa into a handy helper no matter where you are. It’s a plug-in smart speaker with a built-in USB port, which means you can use it to charge your phone, as an alarm, or as an additional smart home device.

When plugged in, the Echo Flex works like a smart speaker. You can call on Alexa with questions, to get information, and to check weather and traffic. You can also use voice control for your entire smart home.

Echo (3rd Generation)

Price: $99.99

The Amazon Echo was the first product in the company’s smart home hub lineup, and it’s still a staple today. And now, the new third generation Echo is being unveiled. An even better, sharper, and more efficient Echo, the third generation features premium Dolby speakers, plays 360 degree audio, and works as an excellent smart speaker.

But that isn’t all the third-generation Echo can do. Use voice control and Alexa’s help to stream music, control your smart home devices, and keep the household in sync. You can utilize any of Alexa’s tens of thousands of skills too.

Nebula Soundbar

Price: $229.99

The Nebula Soundbar (Fire TV Edition) combines the Amazon Fire TV experience with a powerful sound system. Featuring 2.1 channel cinematic sound, dual built-in subwoofers, and 100 watts of room-filling sound, this soundbar turns watching movies and TV shows into a true experience.

And the addition of Fire TV makes the Nebula Soundbar even better. You can access more than 500,00 movies and TV shows, check out Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and other streaming services in one place, and use built-in Alexa features. Alexa can, with your voice, control TV functions like power, volume, and playback – and that’s impressive for a soundbar to do.

Fire TV Cube

Price: $119.99

Amazon is taking Fire TV to new heights with the second-generation Fire TV Cube. This new Fire TV device is the fastest and most powerful yet – and the experience is speedy and seamless. You can use Alexa to control the Fire TV Cube, change channels, and even adjust compatible soundbars.

Featuring a built-in speaker, you can use the Fire TV Cube like any other Alexa device. Ask questions, monitor news, weather, and traffic, and even control your smart home devices when the TV isn’t being used. And the Fire TV Cube provides access to your favorite streaming services, 4K ultra HD content, and so much more.