When you are in the market for a new car, you should look for a vehicle that has all the features that you could want.

For those that are looking for a car that has a lot of style, performance, safety features, and is well-rated with both consumers and critics, choosing the Infiniti Q60 is a great option. The Infiniti Q60 is a luxury couple vehicle that has been in production by Infiniti ever since the 2014 model year. The Infiniti Q60 continues to be one of the best-selling sports coupes in the world due to its high ratings and innovation.

This year, Infiniti has released by the Infiniti Q60 as well as the Project Black S, which is getting many car lovers very excited.

2018 Infiniti Q60

The 2018 Infiniti Q60 continues to be one of the best-selling luxury sports coupes in the auto market.

Engine Performance

Overall, the Infiniti Q60 has three different engine options to choose from, all of which are considered powerful enough given the size of the vehicle. The base engine option, which comes standard in the 2.0 trim levels is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces more than 200 horsepower. This is considered a very powerful base engine option for those that drive the vehicle.

For those that are looking to upgrade to a higher performance engine, the Q60 offers higher trim levels that come with either a 3.0-liter engine that produces over 300 horsepower for a 4.0-liter engine that produces 400 horsepower. All these engine options are paired with a seven-speed transmission, which provides a lot of control and comfort to drivers.

Fuel Efficiency

For those that are looking for the best fuel efficiency, the best option to consider is the 2.0-liter engines. With this engine option, you can get as much as 30 mpg when driving on the highway and 22 mpg when driving in the city. However, if you choose to upgrade the vehicle to AWD, the engine performance will decline about 10 percent.

Those that choose to upgrade the Q60 to a more powerful engine will also see fuel efficiency decline. Highway mpg is about 27 for the 3.0-liter engine and around 24 for the 4.0-liter engine. Overall, fuel efficiency for the Q60 is considered ample compared to other vehicles in its class that have similar engine performance.

Safety and Entertainment Features

Overall, the Q60 is considered to have standard safety features. These include providing drivers with seven airbags all over the car, a rearview mirror, lane departure and collision warnings, and other features to help anyone drive the vehicle more safely. There are not any additional safety features available for those that are looking to upgrade to a higher trim level.

Similar to other vehicles that are built by Infiniti, the Q60 has plenty of entertainment and luxury features that make it a lot of fun to drive. The Q60 comes standard with a six-speaker HD audio system, two USB ports, satellite radio, and an infotainment system with a seven-inch screen — which come standard with all trim levels.

Pros and Cons

Overall, there are many advantages to the Q60 that continue to attract people to the car on an annual basis. One of the main advantages of the car is that there are many different engine options. While some luxury coupes only have one engine option to choose from, the Q60 continues to roll out up to three options with each car. This gives everyone the ability to pick a Q60 engine that you want.

Another common positive for the Q60 is that it provides a lot of cargo and cabin space. While it is a small coupe, it has a surprising amount of leg room for people all over the vehicle and there is more than enough space in the truck.

While there are plenty of positives that come with the Q60, there are some negatives as well. One is that there are not any upgradeable options for safety or entertainment features. While safety and entertainment features are considered satisfactory for the Q60, it does not provide the option of upgrading to some other luxurious amenities that are found in some competing vehicles, such as enhanced stereo or a larger screen.

When driving the Q60, some have commented that the steering is challenging. However, this could be due to the fact that some drivers are not used to the sport-style steering system that the Q60 uses.

Project Black S

Without a doubt, the most exciting feature to be coming to the Q60 is the unveiling of the Project Black S. During the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show, Infiniti revealed its concept for the Project Black S vehicle, which is one of the most anticipated vehicles ever produced by Infiniti.

At this point, the vehicle is still in its initial concept phase, although it could be further unveiled by the general public at the 2018 Paris Auto Show. It is not expected that it will be available to consumers until late in 2020, but it continues to be met with a lot of excitement and speculation due to the strong anticipated features.

Engine Performance

One of the main features that is gaining attention for the Project Black S is its engine performance. While the Q60 already has three engine options, this will be by far the most powerful. Infiniti teamed up with the Renault Sport Formula One Team to create a new Q60 trim level and engine option borrowed from a Formula 1 race car, which is expected to be a powerful V6 engine that will have the ability to produce as much as 500 horsepower. Given the fact that this will continue to be a smaller sports coupe vehicle, this could make the Black S one of the most popular vehicles on the road.

Fuel Efficiency

At this point, much of the focus on the Project Black S has been on the engine performance and fuel efficiency has not been tested. Given the strong engine performance, it is anticipated that fuel efficiency will be lower than the other Q60 trim levels.

Safety and Entertainment Features

Thus far, Infiniti has not announced what features will be included. They will likely include all the standard safety and entertainment features that come with the Q60 line of vehicles. However, since this is still one to two model years away, it is not yet clear what these features will include.

Pros and Cons

By far, the largest attraction to the Project Black S will be the engine performance. However, it remains to be seen what other features the vehicle will have. More of these features will be unveiled at the 2018 Paris Auto Show. Some will likely be concerned about how the engine will impact fuel efficiency and whether there will be safety features built in to offset any risks associated with a stronger engine in the new car.