What are some of the craziest beds in the world? Keep on reading to learn about these unbelievable beds.

Most people who want to give their bed a unique look will choose a decorative headboard or pick out sheets and pillows that suit their personal taste. In its most basic form, their bed will remain traditional. It will have a rectangular shape and use one of the standard mattress sizes.

Some beds, however, are built in unusual shapes and sizes. Their design reflects a wild imagination or a need to push at the limits of a more traditional bed.

The Feel Deluxe

Imagine a bed that can take on a variety of shapes and transform in both appearance and function. Instead of a single mattress and frame, the bed is made up of multiple parts that you arrange in any number of ways.

The Feel Deluxe from Animi Causa consists of up to 120 soft spheres. You can connect them in different configurations, giving yourself a bed, a gigantic lounge chair, or a plush sofa that suits your body and the way you like to lounge. You can have it accommodate the most comfortable positions for reclining, sitting up, or lying down.

This piece of furniture is attractive to people who want to personalize the structure of their bed and create their own forms of comfort.

The Ace Collection’s Family-Sized Bed

The Ace Collection offers a family-sized mattress that’s 12 feet in width. From the head to the foot of the bed, the length is over 6.5 feet.

Because this bed is the size of a small room, people sharing it won’t have to worry about accidentally getting kicked in their sleep. It can also easily accommodate multiple dogs and cats.

For daytime use, the bed is an excellent activity center. People can comfortably line up on it to watch a movie. Kids can dump their toys on it and have plenty of room for play. Even though this bed has a typical rectangular shape, its size makes it unusual. It demands a spacious bedroom and specially fitted sheets and frame.

The Book Bed

What if you could tuck yourself into the pages of a book and pretend to sleep inside of a story? Yusuke Suzuki, a Japanese artist, designed a bed that resembles an enormous book. The Book Bed has multiple sheets that serve as blankets and look like pages that you can turn. The pillows resemble bookmarks poking out from the pages.

Created with young children in mind, the Book Bed captures the whimsy and imagination of childhood. Although many people love reading in bed, kids especially enjoy having a story read to them as part of their bedtime routine. Unfortunately, the Book Bed isn’t available for purchase, though maybe that will change one day.

Le Beanock

Plush, comfortable, and versatile, Le Beanock is a combination of bean bag and hammock. It can be hung up in many places, indoors and outdoors, including the bedroom. You can use it as a bed and couch.

Its construction is sturdy. The larger type supports up to 200 kilograms, which is nearly 441 pounds; the smaller type can safely hold up to 100 kilograms. Imagine hovering over the ground as you fall asleep on it. Like a cradle, it can sway and rock in a soothing motion.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Massive Bed

The famous basketball player recently placed his Florida mansion on the market. Among its luxurious perks is a built-in bed that’s oval in shape and measures 15 feet by 30 feet.

O’Neal, who is over seven feet tall, likely enjoyed this gigantic bed as an indulgence and an accommodation to his height and size. The bed is larger than the rooms in many homes, and its shape also isn’t typical for beds.

While it may be impractical for you to fit a bed of this size in your home, there are smaller circular beds that you might enjoy. On eBay, for example, there are a variety of round frames and mattresses.

The Sonic Bed

The Sonic Bed by Kaffe Matthews is an art exhibit and an experiment, but maybe some variation of it will become available for sale one day.

This bed allows people to experience music with their entire body. They climb into the bed, which contains sound equipment in the panels and under the mattress. The music creates various sensations that no two people will experience exactly the same way.

The uniqueness of the bed comes from the way it encourages the interaction of different senses, specifically our perceptions of sound and sense of touch.