The Internet is currently in 87 percent of American homes, but the majority of these users are not getting the best possible deal. Fortunately, there are currently a number of deals being offered by top Internet providers.

Many of these consumers could easily score a lower price by comparison shopping and contacting their current provider. However, even if your provider refuses to budge on their price, you have many options to choose from if you’d like to reduce your monthly expenses.

Please keep in mind that Internet deals can vary based on your geographic location. Therefore, you should use the following guide as a baseline for Internet pricing, but you may be asked to pay slightly more or less in your town.

AT&T Internet 50

If you want high speed Internet access, AT&T Internet 50 offers a low-frills option for only $40. This deal includes download speeds of up to 50 Mbps, which is more than adequate for basic Internet usage. Those who require faster speeds may prefer AT&T Internet 75 or AT&T Internet 100. Both packages are currently selling for $60 per month.

Like many Internet service providers (ISPs), AT&T offers much more than just Internet access. If you also need a new phone and cable TV company, be sure to investigate their bundle packages. In many cases, this will save you a lot of money versus purchasing each service separately.

CenturyLink High Speed Internet Deal

CenturyLink offers consumers the opportunity to get high speed Internet for $45-50 per month, depending on their location. They also enable you to get a discount bundle that includes phone service and Prism TV. Their best current bundle rate is $125 for the Essential package.

CenturyLink’s Internet deal covers speeds of up to 25 Mbps. You may be able to increase your speed if Fiber 1 Gigabit Internet is in your area but expect to pay a lot more for this business-friendly option.

Xfinity Performance Internet

If you go directly to the Xfinity website, you can expect to pay $39.99 for the first 12 months. This will give you a good deal on the ISP’s Performance Plus service, but you might be able to get an even lower price. The keen observer will spot the frequent deals that advertise a reduced first-year price of $24.99 per month. This will give you download speeds of up to 60 Mbps, which is more than enough for most users.

If you need more speed, you can upgrade to Performance Pro for only $10 more. This service tier offers speeds up to 150 Mbps. You can also bundle the Internet, phone and TV together with Xfinity’s Triple Play. Currently, HD Preferred XF Triple Play is selling for $119.99 in most areas.


Unlike most ISPs, HughesNet offers discount deals that last for a full two years. This ISP also provides service via satellite dish instead of a cable or DSL line, which makes HughesNet popular in rural areas.

The lowest price you can currently get is $49.99 per month for a 10 GB plan. This includes download speeds of up to 25 Mbps. You won’t lose access altogether if you exceed your monthly usage cap, but your speed will be drastically reduced. The plan with the greatest allowance offers 50 GB for $99.99.

Your regular Internet usage will determine what data cap is adequate for your needs. For comparison, Xfinity enforces a 1 TB limit, which they claim meets the needs of more than 99 percent of their customers. To put these two numbers into perspective, 50 GB is only 0.05 percent of 1 TB. In other words, 50 GB might be problematic for some people, but it may also be the best coverage available in rural areas.

Frontier Simply Internet Ultra

Frontier gives HughesNet competition by also offering a 24-month price lock on their Simply Internet Ultra deal. This basic service is $25. It provides up to 12 Mbps download speed, which the ISP claims is enough to stream through two devices at once.

To get faster Internet, you’ll need to choose a bundle package. Their best deal right now is the Internet Elite Voice Service Secure bundle. This comes with speeds up to 25 Mbps, and it includes voice service and a Wi-Fi router for $61.99.

Which is the Best Internet Deal?

There are many factors that determine which Internet deal is the best one for you, and price isn’t necessarily the only consideration. For example, we cannot tell you which ISP will give you the best customer service or have the highest uptime percentage. What we can do is give you a quick recap of the lowest priced offerings mentioned above:

  • Frontier Simply Internet Ultra – $25
  • Xfinity Performance Internet – $40
  • AT&T Internet 50 – $40
  • CenturyLink 25 Mbps Internet – $45+
  • HughesNet 10 GB – $50

Low Income Internet Deals

If your family qualifies, you may be able to get much better deals. For example, AT&T Access is only $5 for 3 Mbps, but a member of your household must be an approved U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipient to qualify for this price.

Xfinity, Mediacom, Cox and Eagle offer low income Internet access for $9.95 per month. Google Fiber and Spectrum start their low-income deal at $15. To find out if you qualify, contact the applicable ISP. To take advantage of any other deals, you can usually select a new package online.