Finding a truly free checking account isn’t easy. Many checking accounts come with fees these days – and if they don’t have fees, they require a sizable minimum monthly balance.

However, 100 percent free checking accounts do exist. The following are just a few of the free checking accounts you can use for your banking needs.

Aspiration Spend & Save Account

The Aspiration Spend & Save account is a unique checking account. Not only is it a truly free checking account with zero fees and no monthly account minimums, but it’s also an account that rewards bank customers.

With an Aspiration Spend & Save account, you’ll earn up to 1.00 percent APY on savings funds. You’ll also earn cashback rewards – an entirely unique feature for a checking account. If you spend your money with your Aspiration debit card “smarter” by shopping at companies that are environmentally friendly, you’ll rack up rewards.

You’ll also enjoy unlimited free withdrawals at Allpoint ATMs. And the reason Aspiration Save & Spend accounts are no-fee is because you get to decide if you’d like to pay fees. Just tell Aspiration if you’re interested in paying anything – and if not, that’s perfectly okay.

Axos Bank Rewards Checking

Axos Bank is one of the top online banks today. If you’re looking for a checking account with no fees, no minimum monthly balance, and the chance to earn interest, this is an account you need to consider.

The Axos Bank Rewards Checking account will make the most out of your money, all without forcing you to pay high fees. You’ll earn up to 1.25 percent APY, depending on your account balance, as soon as you make your first deposit. With no banking fees, monthly maintenance fees, minimum account balance fees, or overdraft fees, you’ll never have to worry about losing money with Axos.

And you’ll even be reimbursed for any ATM fees you pay throughout the U.S. – Axos Bank reimburses unlimited out-of-network ATM charges. While this online bank may offer some surprising perks, one thing’s certain. You’ll be thrilled to watch your interest increase while you use your debit card.

Alliant High-Interest Checking

While free checking is a great benefit on its own, the ability to earn interest is an even better perk. And with an Alliant High-Interest Checking account, you can score both 100 percent free checking and a high-interest rate that’ll increase your money while it’s in the bank.

The Alliant High-Interest Checking account offers interest rates between 0.25 APY. That’s an impressive 4.2 times the national average on interest – and imagine what it could do for your money.

Of course, interest isn’t the only benefit to the High-Interest Checking account. You’ll enjoy $0 in fees, with no monthly service fees, no minimum balance requirements, and more than 80,000 surcharge-free ATM locations. You’ll also get ATM rebates if you are charged a fee and easy access to your money with the Alliant Mobile Banking app.

Ally Interest Checking

One of the most talked-about bank accounts available right now is the Ally Interest Checking. An entirely online bank, Ally offers some of the very best interest rates in banking – and you’ll be able to earn interest on a no-fee, no monthly minimum checking account too.

The Ally Interest Checking account gives you easy access to your money, and it’s 100 percent free. With no monthly maintenance fees, free ATM access at any Allpoint ATM, free transfers with Zelle, and additional features available at no cost are all included.

Even more importantly, the Ally Interest Checking account offers an interest rate of 0.10 or 0.50 percent APY. As you deposit money into your checking account, you’ll reap the rewards of growing that cash with a high checking interest rate. And with every Ally feature easily available online, you’ll always be in touch with your money.

Switch to a Free Checking Account Today

If you’re currently stuck with a checking account that charges fees or requires a monthly minimum balance, it’s time to make a change. You don’t need to pay a bank to keep your money. And you certainly don’t need to pay to be in charge of your money.

Free checking accounts are available – you just need to find them. The best way to find available free checking accounts is to do your research. Compare banks’ checking accounts, look into their fees and balance requirements, and determine which is the best choice for you. Doing this research will help you stop paying for your banking needs and start doing more with your money.