Looking for love? Today, the best place to find it is online. Dating websites have evolved into dating apps, giving you the opportunity to meet new people and make connections from absolutely anywhere. You can use your smartphone to be matched with potential dates and partners in just seconds.

And thanks to the popularity of online dating, there are now more dating apps than ever before. That might make finding a match easier – but it can also make it difficult. Which dating apps are better than the rest? Which offer the best chance to make matches and meet others?

These are the top four dating apps that everyone should try.

1. Tinder

This App is Best For

Anyone who wants to meet a lot of matches quickly. As the most popular dating app today, Tinder offers a huge selection of local potential matches, and you can swipe “yes” or “no” on them in just seconds.

How Matches Are Made

When you log into Tinder, you’ll see just a small bit of information about each potential match. You can see a photo, a name, and an age. From there, you choose to swipe right (if you like them) or left (if you don’t). If you’re really, really into a potential match, you can “super like” them with a swipe up.

If you and another person both swipe right on each other, you’ll get a match. From there, you two will be able to message one another.

Tinder offers a limited number of swipes for free for all members. However, if you upgrade to a paid monthly membership, you’ll get unlimited swipes for more potential matches.

How It’s Unique

Tinder changed the entire game for online dating. With no questionnaires and no personal insight, it’s easy to find other single daters in your local area in seconds. Tinder was the very first dating app to use the “swipe” method, and is popular thanks to its quick, easy, and fun matching system.

2. eHarmony

This App is Best For

Daters who want to meet potential matches based on compatibility, not photos alone. eHarmony requires users to fill out a unique compatibility questionnaire, which is what all matches are based off of.

How Matches Are Made

All eHarmony users fill out a compatibility questionnaire during the sign-up process. That questionnaire is free, and it includes a total of 80 questions. You’ll answer questions like “What are you passionate about?” and “What three things are you thankful for?” These questions give you a compatibility score, which is then sent to the eHarmony algorithm and used to make matches.

Once you’ve been matched with other users, the eHarmony app will send you just a few of those matches at a time. Then, you’ll be able to send “smiles” and “favorite” anyone you’re interested in. When you’re ready to chat with a match, you’ll get to choose from prewritten Quick Questions that can help make conversation easier.

How It’s Unique

eHarmony’s unique compatibility questionnaire is what sets it apart from the competition. This dating app tries to make matches based on multiple levels of compatibility, scoring and pairing people to make long-term, long-lasting partnerships.

3. OkCupid

This App is Best For

In-between daters who aren’t looking for a quick fling or marriage OkCupid is the best app for people who don’t want to mindlessly swipe, but who aren’t exactly sure they’re ready to settle down for life. Think of it as the dating app for trying out genuine dating in today’s world.

How Matches Are Made

Like some of its competitors, OkCupid relies on a compatibility questionnaire to make its matches. However, that questionnaire is a bit different. You’ll fill out a long profile – much longer than Tinder’s short bio and shorter than eHarmony’s quiz – and give the app insight into what kind of matches you’re looking for. You’ll even answer questions about how you’d like your potential matches to answer the questionnaire. Once your profile is complete, all of that information will help the app match you with people in your area.

From there, OkCupid provides two ways to see your matches. You can click on the “Matches” option in the app, and you’ll see the photos and profiles of people you can match with. Or, you can choose “QuickMatch”, which will show you photos only. From there, you can then “like” people or message them to start connecting. 

How It’s Unique

OkCupid is a little more old-school than many of today’s dating apps, but it also combines the best features of popular apps like Tinder. You can choose how you’d like to choose your matches – profile and information or photos only. You can also expand your dating pool and potential matches all on your own. OkCupid lets you message any user, which opens up your options.

4. Ship

This App is Best For

Bringing your friends into the online dating process. If you need help and love the advice your friends offer, you’ll enjoy all of Ship’s features.

How Matches Are Made

Ship works two ways when it comes to matches. First, you’ll fill out your profile and get matched with other users. But the second option? You can actually have your friends pick out matches for you. Your Crew, who you’ll add to Ship, can get on the app and look for people they think are a good fit for your love life.

Matches then have to be approved before you can start messaging. But once they’re good to go, you and your matches can chat through the app.

How It’s Unique

Ship takes the traditional online dating experience and throws in its own twist. Once you’ve met your matches, you can involve your friends and use their help to make a perfect pair. You can send your matches’ profiles to your Ship Crew, or your friends. They can check these users out and let you know if they think it’s a match. 

Even more interesting is your Crew’s ability to find love for you. Your friends can actually browse potential matches and search for suitors without your input. This offers you the chance to match with people you might not have picked on your own.

Head Online to Find Love Today

Are you ready to find love online? More and more people are turning to dating apps to do exactly that. Online dating is only growing more popular, and there are increasingly more apps to help you find love anywhere in the world. And more dating apps combined with the popularity of online dating means there are plenty of potential matches waiting out there for you.

Fortunately, every dating app offers something special and unique. There are a number of different apps available that can help you meet your perfect match, whether you’re looking for a long-term love or someone new to meet. The apps mentioned here are some of the best available, so give them a try and see what kinds of connections you can make.