Using a high-end controller while gaming allows a player the unique experience of gaining access to streamlined inputs within an analog controller.

Scuf Gaming is an innovator and leader within this industry. They create customizable and high-performance controllers, which allow gamers to customize gameplay to what works best for them. On the other hand, Microsoft has brought Scuf’s third-party offerings to an official first-party product.

With that said, let’s compare the two best pro controllers: the Scuf Vantage and Xbox Elite Controller.

Scuf Vantage

Price: $159.95 to $189.95

While a tad pricey, the Scuf Vantage controller for PS4 and PC has an enhanced design focused to maximize hand use, comfort, and performance.


First and foremost, everything about the Scuf Vantage — from the analog sticks to the face buttons to the triggers — are incredibly comfortable while gaming. Unlike Sony’s first-party controllers, the analog sticks are organized asymmetrically for maximum comfort. Plus, the analog sticks lack the rubber grips that tend to wear on other PS4 controllers.

In addition to the face buttons, the Vantage has four paddles on the back of it and “Sax” buttons on both sides. The paddles and Sax buttons offer more options for remapping buttons. As such, gamers can program them to perform any controller function they choose.

The wireless model has a switch at the bottom of the controller that switches from wired to Bluetooth connectivity in an instant. Additionally, the included 10-foot micro-USB cable offers the length needed for most gaming setups out there.

The most notable aspect of this controller is its customization. Although both wired and wireless models are sturdy and durable, gamers do have the option to lighten the load by taking out the rumble motors. For more customization, Vantage offers magnetic faceplates. These faceplates make it easier to change the aesthetic and color of the controller fairly easy.

Despite all the positive, there are some downsides to the Scuf Vantage. This includes an inability to use a headset while the controller’s Bluetooth is on, the left analog stick drifting after months of use, and only being able to charge the controller while the PS4 is on.

What Comes with the Controller?

Every Scuf Vantage comes with:

  • Protective travel case;
  • 10-foot high speed braided micro-USB cable;
  • Two long domed thumbsticks;
  • Two long trigger covers;
  • Two anti-friction rings;
  • Control disk;
  • Scuf key;
  • Product manual;
  • Product guide;
  • Quick start guide, and;
  • Sticker pack.

Xbox Elite Controller

Price: $139.99

While there are a lot of similarities between this controller and the Vantage the Xbox Elite Controller has been built from the ground-up for the Xbox One and PC.


Much like the Vantage, the Elite Controller is fully customizable. As such, gamers can switch out the thumbsticks and D-pad as they see fit, along with adding paddles to the back of the controller. In particular, you can switch out the standard thumbstick for either a tall or domed stick and the normal cross-shaped D-pad for flat metal option.

On top of physical customizing the controller, the controller comes with an app for adjusting button functionality, thumbstick sensitivity, and the minimum and maximum values for the trigger. These adjustments can be saved to two user profiles, which toggle back and forth through a switch on the front of the controller.

Apart from the customization, the Elite Controller is nice and sturdy. As such, it provides a heavenly user experience as they move smoothly during play and offers just the right amount of springiness when the stick hits the center.

Some downsides to the Elite? Well, having to use AA batteries to play, opposed to a rechargeable one with the controller, has left a bad taste in some players’ mouths, and really lessens that “premium” feel for the controller.

What Comes with the Controller?

Every Xbox Elite controller comes with:

  • Carrying case;
  • Four paddles
  • Two standard thumbsticks;
  • Two tall thumbsticks;
  • Two domed thumbsticks;
  • Standard D-pad;
  • Faceted D-pad;
  • USB cable, and;
  • Two AA batteries.

Series 2

The even more exciting news about the Xbox Elite Controller is that a “Series 2” upgrade of the controller is set to be released November 4, 2019!

Gamers may want to start saving now, as the redesigned model will cost a little more than its original — starting at $179.99. However, that $30 more just might be worth it.

First and foremost, a rechargeable battery will be featured in Series 2, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Additional enhancements include:

  • Redesigned bumpers;
  • Three custom profiles;
  • Thumbsticks with improved rubberized grip and adjustable tension, and;
  • Increased durability.


Both the Elite and Vantage offer a truly incredible gaming experience for gamers. Both offers features to help users come alive within the games that they play. Plus, both controllers provide customizable components to truly help players make these devices their own.

While the Vantage is a tad pricier and does have minor recharging and audio issues, the fact that the Elite requires AA batteries to use is a greater annoyance. Plus, with no Bluetooth connectivity feature, some of that gloss and shine starts to fade from a premium controller like the Xbox Elite.

At this moment, Vantage just may be the better controller. Still, come November 4, the Elite Series 2 could very well knock the Vantage off that throne. Only time will tell.