Has your cable bill spiraled out of control? Are you paying hundreds of dollars every month, just to watch your favorite TV channels and use the internet?

You aren’t alone – the costs of cable TV and internet have been rising every year. In 2011, the average cost of cable was $86 per month. This year, that cost is $123. And by 2020, it’s estimated that you’ll be paying $200 each month for the very same cable services.

That’s way too much money to be paying for cable TV and internet. But how can you get the TV channels you’re used to and the internet service you need without spending so much?

It’s possible to save money – you just need to get rid of your cable TV package. And fortunately, when eliminate cable TV, you can keep your internet and pay far, far less.

Split Up Your Services

Your cable TV and internet services are likely bundled together. Bundling services is a common choice – it can save you money, and new subscribers are often given big discounts for choosing to keep their TV and internet with one company.

But when you’re looking to save money after being a subscriber for more than a few months, a bundle isn’t the way to go. Over time, your cable company increases the cost of your bundle.

Cable TV and internet providers offer huge incentives and low prices for new customers. They often advertise prices as low as $45 per month for TV, internet, and phone service. But once that promotional offer ends, customers find themselves paying far, far more – on average, costs rise to $132 per month for cable TV and internet.

So, while a bundle might seem easy and affordable, it can wind up costing you significantly.

That’s why you should cut the cord on your cable TV. Un-bundle your services; keep your internet with your cable provider, and take your TV needs to another company. That will leave you with a much more affordable price of approximately $50 or $60 per month.

Negotiate a Lower Price with Your Cable Company

When you’re ready to get rid of your cable TV, you have the opportunity to save money. And if you know how to negotiate with your cable company, you could even reduce the amount you pay for internet alone.

Cable companies don’t want to lose your business or your services. Remember, they love to raise prices on longtime customers. So if you’re canceling your service or cutting out items like cable TV, they’re going to lose a lot of money.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to negotiate a better price.

When you get rid of your cable TV service, call your cable provider. As soon as you tell them you’re canceling one of your services, they’ll try to convince you to stay. They may offer you lower-priced packages, try to throw in an upgrade, or even offer a discount to keep your business.

But you should be firm in canceling your cable TV. Then, tell the customer retention representative that you want a lower price on your internet – or you’ll cancel that too. If you stay strong and refuse to budge until you get a lower price, it’s very likely that the cable company will offer you one.

Consider Switching Internet Providers

If you don’t like the price you’ll have to pay for internet alone with your current provider, you can also switch entirely.

You might find that your cable provider doesn’t really offer big savings for getting rid of cable. Or maybe they won’t give you the deal you want on internet service alone. No matter the case, you can always switch to a new company to save.

Remember, cable companies offer special deals for new customers. Making a switch can give you big savings. Additionally, you might find that other cable providers in your area have lower rates in general.

So, it’s important to do your research before you cancel your cable TV service. Search online to see what other cable companies in your area are offering. Compare their prices with what your current provider has online.

Are there any specials that offer deep discounts, lower prices, or even better internet speeds? Will you save money in the long run? When you do your research, you may find a great deal at another provider. And if you do, don’t be afraid to switch your internet to a different provider.

Sign Up for an Affordable Streaming Service

Now that you’ve gotten rid of your pricey cable TV package, you need a replacement. And that replacement needs to be more affordable than cable.

Fortunately, you have plenty of options today. Streaming services have become the most popular alternative to cable TV. Priced at between $8 and $50 per month, streaming services let you watch all of your favorite channels or shows, as well as movies and original new programming.

All you need to start streaming is an internet connection and the right service. You have so many different options for streaming – and you’ll want to search online to determine which is best for you. You can choose from the following popular services, for example:

  • Netflix, which offers on-demand TV shows, movies, and series that change each month.
  • Hulu, which offers on-demand streaming and live TV streaming for your favorite network channels.
  • Amazon Prime Video, which offers a library of TV shows and movies.
  • Sling TV, which lets you stream live TV from a selection of popular channels.

With so many choices and different low prices, you can easily find a streaming service that replaces cable TV and saves you a lot of money each month.

Here’s How to Cut the Cord on Cable TV Today

If you’re looking for a way to save on the cost of cable, you need to get rid of cable TV. You can use your internet plan to streaming your favorite TV programs, and you can get a lower price by eliminating cable TV.

All you need to do is find and choose a streaming service that works for you. You can keep your cable provider for your internet needs, or you can shop around for a lower price and better deal. With a little bit of research, you’ll discover that you have more options – and more ways to save money.