For some, Black Friday is a shopping tradition. It knocks a dent into their holiday gift list. Also, it allows them to snag some incredible deals on high-ticketed items they want but can’t afford at full price. For others, it’s a time to cozy up on the couch, eat turkey leftovers, chill, and just catch up on some movies.

Who’s got the better idea here? Is Black Friday really worth the rush?

Why It Is Worth It

The Deals

These days, many can argue that Black Friday has lost its luster. Instead of being a one-day event, it has become a week-long sale, if not an entire month affair.

Despite that, nothing beats the deals you get on the actual day. If you are on the hunt for electronics, television sets, kitchen appliances, or mobile phones, then that Black Friday rush might just be worth it.

Door Crashers

Black Friday door crashers are the reason why many people line up for miles on end and camp overnight on Thanksgiving. Simply put, they are the “real deal”. Moreover, the limited quantities of these items make them even more desirable.

Gift Card Deals

In addition to the incredible deals, retailers like Target and Walmart offer gift cards with the purchase of big-ticket items. For instance, Target offered a $200 to $300 store gift card with the purchase of select phones last year.

Therefore, doing a little research before you head out will save you money and perhaps reward you with a gift card for added spending fun.

Bargain Hunters

If you are willing to do a little bargain hunting, then Black Friday is an excellent way to stock up on holiday gifts and things around the house. In fact, the real Black Friday sales often lay within video games, kitchenware, toy, and clearance sections.

It’s Tradition

For some, Black Friday serves as the official “start” to the shopping season. It’s tradition!

After all, it may seem chaotic to some, but you wouldn’t skip out on Thanksgiving dinner or stop leaving cookies and milk for Santa, so why skip out on Black Friday?

Why It Isn’t Worth It

The Crowds

Really, who wants to fight for a parking space, hurdle through thousands of people to get to a store, then wait for hours at the checkout counter to buy something? Not to mention the wait times for a coffee or lunch at a mall food court. All in the name of saving a few bucks in the bank account.


We’ve all seen the media coverage in the past. Black Friday can be so busy that it turns dangerous.

In fact, as per the Black Friday Death Count website, from 2006 to 2018, 117 people have been injured and 12 people have died due to incidents related to the shopping day. These incidents include:

  • Falling asleep while driving home,
  • Being trampled in a stampede, and;
  • Getting in fights over high-ticketed items.

So, why risk your safety?

Other Days to Save

While Black Friday used to be a one-day shopping event where consumers could save a ton on incredible sales, this is not the case anymore. Be it Cyber Monday or Amazon Prime Day, there are plenty of opportunities to save big bucks on stuff you want or need.

Impulse Buying

While you can save a lot on Black Friday, it can quickly lead to buying things you don’t need. While you may believe you are helping your bank account on Black Friday, you could be hurting it in the long run.

Hop Online

With many Black Friday sales online, there isn’t much incentive to leave the house on Black Friday.

You could fight the crowds or wake up at crazy hours of the night to wait in line. Or you could hop onto your laptop while still in your PJs and get everything you want from the comfort of your home.


As with everything, there are pros and cons to Black Friday. While it can be exhilarating to go from store-to-store hunting for bargains and picking up any door crashers, there are valid reasons to skip out on Black Friday. Especially when you consider the crowds and the ability to shop online.

Is Black Friday worth the rush? In the end, it really depends on what you think of this annual shopping event.