Interior decorating is having a moment. With everyone spending more time at home, it’s inspiring people to give their space a makeover. As nice as it would be to go through a full reno, not everyone has the time or budget. Luckily, there are interior decorating ideas you can do that are easy, cost-friendly, and will completely change the look of your home.

Even just doing one of the following interior design ideas will make all the difference. You can start with one simple concept, then continue to expand on your design ideas as you become more familiar with your vision.

Here are five interior design tips that can transform your space.

1. Redesign The Little Things

Details make all the difference when redesigning your home. Though you might not think much of certain elements in your house, you’d be surprised just how much it can transform a room once you take the time to switch them out.

Take a look at your door knobs, light switches and dresser or cabinet handles. Simply replacing those things with modern upgrades can instantly beautify your furniture. For example, modernize your outdated dresser with gold handles or replace boring lightswitch plates with a fun color or pattern.

Another simple thing you can do is utilize old wallpaper in other parts of the house. Paste it onto the backing of a bookshelf or use it as a unique base to your kitchen cabinet shelves. You could even frame it and instantly give yourself a free piece of art to place on the table or hang on a wall.

Other small details that can make a big design impact include:

  • Door knocker
  • Sink faucets
  • Shower curtain
  • Drapes

It’s also a way for you to save money by innovating details instead of switching out entire furniture like dressers, doors, cabinetry and more.

2. Add Mirrors

Bring some dimension into your home with mirrors. Big or small, mirrors can bring depth to the space and even make it feel bigger. There are plenty of ways you can style the mirrors in your home.

Lean a large mirror against the wall for a full body view, implement smaller mirrors into your photo wall for some change, or big mirrors with a funky frame. Another thing you can do is strategically place the mirror facing the outside so that when you look into it, the outdoor reflection gives you a unique perspective.

3. Use The 60-30-10 Method

It can be hard knowing where to start when redesigning your home. A good rule to live by is the 60-30-10 method. This is a way to give the room some structure related to space, furniture and decor. It also applies to designing the room with color.

The 60-30-10 rule divides the room as follows:

  • 60 percent of the room is comprised of wall space and anchor pieces
  • 30 percent of the room is accent furniture
  • 10 percent is decor

Following this will help you not to clutter up a room and understand when it might be time to get rid of things that overwhelm the room. When deciding which colors to use in your space, the 60-30-10 rule suggests:

  • 60 percent of a room’s color is achieved through a dominant wall color or wall paper, flooring or large rug, and large-scale furniture (main color to build your room’s palette)
  • 30 percent of color will come from furniture, textiles, lighting (choose varying tones of this accent color to achieve an interesting look)
  • 10 percent is where you play around and find various colors, patterns and textures that stand out (ex. Metallics, wood)

This overview can help you create a colorful, yet cohesive look. Think of the color aspect as following a paint sample card for the majority of the room, then going a bit off-beat with other colors and patterns.

4. Design With Lights

Lights are not only a home essential, but they’re also a powerful design tool. You can elevate the look of any room and set your desired ambiance simply by paying attention to the lighting fixtures you’re using.

Chandeliers are often a showtopping way to draw attention and there are plenty of different sizes and styles, allowing you to find the right one for various rooms. Whether your home is modern, traditional, industrial, or anything in between, there’s a chandelier to match that aesthetic. Have it installed with a dimmer so you can control the mood of the room.

There are smaller ways you can creatively use lights to design your home. Simply replace current lampshades you might own with something more eye-catching or more on brand with the room’s theme. Draw attention to artwork or photos by installing spotlights, hang sconces next to mirrors, or even use tabletop decor such as Himalayan salt lamps.

5. Use Images As Art

Images are a great way to personalize your space. Start by choosing your images. They could be personal photos, or professional prints you can buy online. Draw from your personal interests when deciding which images to display. If you’re a world traveler, use images of cities you’ve been to. If you’re into sports or fashion, use this as a theme when picking the images to display.

Choose them all in color, black and white, or even a mixture of both. You’ll then want to choose your photo frames. For a quirky approach, choose mismatched types of frames. Or, you can always choose matching ones if you want your space to be more posh. After picking a spot on the wall for where you want your images, you’ll have to decide on a pattern.

There is lots of photo wall inspiration on Pinterest. They could be posted in an orderly fashion, mismatched like a tetris game, or however else you like. The idea is to make it a statement and play around with image sizes, colors, frame styles and placement. Look for other creative ways to display images around your space. You can place them on open shelves, lean them against the wall on tables,

Search Online For Home Design Needs

There are endless retailers online where you can find things new and old to place in your home. From mirrors, to door handles, to lamps, you’ll be able to browse through hundreds of options and find one that will fit in your home and get delivered straight to your door. Make sure to compare your favorite items across different websites to find the best price.