How's Your Inhaler TechniqueAn asthma inhaler is one of the most important devices that a person can own. The inhaler can be the difference between life and death for those with serious cases. Therefore, knowing how to use the unit properly is necessary for an asthmatic person’s survival.

Doctors prescribe many different inhalers to customers who have breathing problems. Metered inhalers deliver a certain amount of medication to the patient each time he or she presses the button. Metered inhalers with spacers are good for children who are just learning to use their inhalers. Dry powder inhalers are convenient because they are small. However, they require more precision than some of the other units require. Proper inhaler use is crucial for effective asthmatic attack control.

How to Use an Inhaler Properly

Proper inhaler use begins the moment the person receives the device. First, the person will want to prime the inhaler. To prime the inhaler, the patient must open it and press the pump until a dose of medication comes out. From that moment forward, equal doses will come from the unit every time the person presses the button. The patient should prime the unit before he or she uses it for the first time.

Using an Asthma Inhaler Correctly

An inhaler user should hold the unit properly and have his or her head facing the appropriate direction for effective distribution. The first thing the person will want to do before taking medication is shake the inhaler. Shaking the inhaler evenly distributes the medication. Next, the person will want to hold the inhaler upright and tilt the head backward.

For an inhaler to work correctly, the person must ensure that the medication distributes itself into the lungs. To ensure even distribution, the user must inhale at the same time that he or she is pressing the button for the medication’s release. Most doctors tell their patients to take two puffs for effective airway opening. The person will want to wait approximately 20 seconds in between puffs. The person should spend the first five seconds breathing in the medication and the other 15 seconds holding his or her breath. The person should feel significant relief after the first puff.

Using a Spacer

A spacer is an additional device that a doctor may prescribe to a child. The spacer device holds the medication in a chamber so that the child has a chance to breathe it in. Proper use of a spacer involves placing the open end of the inhaler into the spacer’s opening. The inhaler should fit directly into the hole. Using an inhaler with a spacer works the same way as using an inhaler without a spacer works. The person will want to press the button on the inhaler one time, breathe and then wait approximately 20 seconds before taking the second dosage.

Effective asthma management and prevent can occur is the user takes the appropriate step. With the right strategy, an asthmatic person can live a normal life and be happy.