There’s a lot to see and do in Florida, which is why it’s one of the most popular vacation destinations in America. But because it’s a state filled with experiences and sights to see, it can also be really expensive to visit. On top of travel, food and sightseeing costs, accommodation is the most expensive aspect to book. 

Luckily, there are a few ways you can save money on hotels. Everything you need to know is easy to find on the internet — you just have to know what to look for. Here are five ways to find a deal for Florida hotels.

Don’t Stay at a Disney Resort – Book a Hotel With Shuttle Service Instead

Although staying at one of Disney’s themed resorts is convenient and fun, it could cost you thousands of dollars. 

Nearby Orlando hotels want your business just as much – and they’re willing to offer  lower prices. Many of them offer complimentary shuttle service to Disney’s theme parks, which will make your hotel feel like an extension of the park. You’ll also have the freedom of saving money by eating food outside of the resort since you won’t be confined to a Disney hotel. Plus, hotels tend to have free parking which is one less fee you’ll be paying than if you were staying onsite at a resort. 

The average rate for Disney hotels is $388 per night plus taxes. But if you checked into the Buena Vista Suites Orlando just 1.5 miles away, you could pay as low as $117 per night instead. It’s a four-star hotel with breakfast, shuttle service, and offers package deals all year round.

The same rule applies for anyone visiting Orlando Studios. Just make sure to check if the shuttle requires you to book it in advance.

Consider a Rental Instead Of a Hotel

Hotels can be really expensive no matter how many stars they have, especially in Florida. That’s why you should  check out rentals homes and rooms before booking a hotel stay. 

Many people rent out their vacation homes when they aren’t using them. With a quick search on Airbnb, you can find listings for entire condos, villas and townhouses starting as low as $55 per night. 

Additionally, you’ll likely get more space when you rent a home. Instead of being crammed in a small room, larger families can save money by booking one bigger accommodation rather than multiple hotel rooms. This will also help you save money on food since you’ll have access to a kitchen. 

You can book this type of accommodation on Airbnb, HomeAway or one of the many rental services specific to Florida. 

Travel During The Off-Season

Traveling in the off-season will save you a lot of money. Hotels and businesses will increase their prices during peak travel times. But during less busy periods, prices are lowered to attract business. 

The late spring and early fall tend to be the least touristy season in Florida. Try booking a vacation away from major holidays and events in the city that will inevitably lead to higher prices. You may also want to consider hurricane season, which is a time many visitors avoid visiting southern states.

Here’s another heads up for anyone planning a Disney getaway — ticket prices also fluctuate depending on the day. Check out their ticket calendar in advance to see which days offer the lowers admission into their parks.

Compare Rates On Different Hotel Websites

Websites like Kayak, Trivago and Skyscanner do all the work for you when it comes to finding a cheap hotel. By comparing different travel booking sites and the available hotels, you’ll be able to easily see which have the best deals

Make sure to use only reputable websites that compare rates. Some sites will scare consumers into settling on a price by making them think only a few rooms are available. This isn’t always true. Contact the hotel directly to find out what’s really available. 

That being said, always compare the best rate you find on a booking website with the hotel’s actual booking page. Sometimes hotels will be cheaper or they will match the rates you find elsewhere.

Choose Boutique Hotels In Miami

Chain businesses are easier for tourists to recognize and are often the first people look into when booking accommodations. But in places like Miami where prices are always high, boutique hotels might be able to make a smaller impact on your wallet. They’re smaller establishments, with only 10 to 100 rooms, which makes them a lot more intimate and less conventional. 

With a bit of research, you’ll find some hidden gems in the city that will give you a unique experience and help you save money at the same time.

There Are Many Ways To Save Money On Your Trip To Florida

Whatever your budget is, there are plenty of ways to save money on your trip. You can book your trip farther in advance to avoid last-minute price hikes, spend time visiting free attractions and try to find accommodation where you can cook meals in.

You can also regularly check out travel services to find bundles on flights, hotels and tickets that can save you money. By taking the time to research and planning ahead of time, you’ll learn plenty of tips and tricks to keep your trip cost efficient.